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  1. Dark Magic and Cruel Deeds by PLC​ While we usually seek to reach an ever larger audience, today we need to walk a different path. As such we urge you, dear readers, to ensure that today’s special edition does not get into the hands of children or those prone to scares and frights. You have been warned. We had a chance to interview both Sir Dupre and Governor Aryala, concerning the investigation about the recent murder of a gargoyle in Trinsic. Both told us that the investigations have shed some light onto the proceedings, but that no suspect has of yet been identified. According
  2. *paper boys are running along the streets, crying out the headlines and selling a special edition of the Trinsic Beacon* Dear readers, we have the sad duty to inform you that the missing gargoyle Quaeven, who has become a fast and dear friend to many of us in Trinsic, has been found dead in the early hours of the morning. What is worse is that he seems to have been murdered in a most gruesome and monstrous way. While seeking more information on the matter we encountered Governor Aryala, who confirmed that a crime had taken place and that the investigations are under way. According to her, a ta
  3. Besieged… (By PLC) Last night’s Council Meeting turned into a rather bizarre show, once more highlighting the distance between King and country. Before even the usual squabbles had started a strange person entered the room to demand an audience with his Majesty. What followed then was by far the most disturbing display yet witnessed in the council chamber. With the claim of bringing a gift for his Majesty the stranger threw a wooden box across the table, which apparently included vials of poison. Their purpose, according to this strangest of assassins, was to offer King Blackthorn a c
  4. First and foremost, we would like to thank Your Majesty for granting us this interview. We were admittedly somewhat surprised, since You frequently and publicly expressed Your disdain for our paper. And thank you to The Trinsic Beacon for finally coming and speaking to me directly; I can already see that no punches shall be pulled in this interview either! And that is fine; do not believe for a moment that I cannot maintain respect for, or even a friendship with those who disagree with me. It is simply that after a lifetime as a well respected Mage, and now today being graced with the titl
  5. To be, or not to be: that is the question. A commentary by Pierre LeCanard. Last night finally saw the imprisonment of Bladderstick the fool. Yet while he was a fool, a fool he was not. Instead he managed to spread a reign of terror not only across Nujel’m, but also across nearly the entire realm. Now, after having been roused from the Hidden Valley near Trinsic, and chased across the oceans, he was finally caught, pulled out from beneath a bed by sergeant Iljian from Trinsic. However, instead of facing Britannian justice, Bladderstick was left in Nujel’m’s jail, which is well know
  6. *for some reason one of the lead articles of the Trinsic Beacon newspaper has made it into the delivery for the Royal Archive – most likely by courtesy of a ducal clerk* Bread and circuses… A commentary by Pierre LeCanard, Editor of the Trinsic Beacon Once there was a man that wished to rule. He ascended to the throne with the help of people that did not exist. And when his dream came true and all the power of the realm was his, he stood and spoke… and commanded a royal hunt. Even to this day, the hunt of ‘king’ Casca the first and fortunately last of his name has made sca
  7. Event Date: Sunday 07th July 2013 Event Time: 20:30 CEST - 19:30 BST Event Location: Throne Room, Castle Blackthorn Event Description: Please join King Blackthorn in his throne room for an Audience with the King. There will be an event 15 minutes afterwards at the Counselor's Hall in Britain to meet a special visitor. Link to more information... More...
  8. Event Date: Wednesday 19th June 2013 Event Time: 21:00 CEST - 20:00 BST Event Location: Trinsic Docks Event Description: The journey continues to the lost lands... Link to more information... More...
  9. Event Date: Thursday 13th June 2013 Event Time: 21:00 CEST - 20:00 BST Event Location: Departure from Trinsic Docks Event Description: The journey of the Windsprite continues with new adventures! Link to more information... More...
  10. Event Date: Thursday 06th June 2013 Event Time: 21:00 CEST - 20:00 BST Event Location: Trinsic Docks Event Description: The voyage on the seas of Britannia continues... Link to more information... More...
  11. Event Date: Wednesday 29th May 2013 Event Time: 21:00 CEST - 20:00 BST Event Location: Trinsic Docks Event Description: A sailing event for all interested roleplayers. Link to more information... More...
  12. A new danger has been spotted in the sewers beneath Trinsic, citizens beware! Link to more information... More...
  13. Event Date: Thursday 17th January 2013 Event Time: 21:00 CET - 20:00 GMT Event Location: Trinsic West Gate Event Description: The second trip into the sewers of Trinsic to investigate the strange happenings beneath the city. Link to more information... More...
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