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  1. So I had about three ideas for a home and I have an account that has the space to hold another house. I have three ideas for the home at the moment, and I need your help to chose which. 1) I have a Samurai that needs a home. A Samurai Empire themed house with all SA decor and trimmings. Tea Room, Dojo etc. 2) I have a Chef that needs a house. There is a twist though, my Chef is bent on world domination through the use of destructive foods. Think Necro/Chef. Dark and Culinary. 3) And finally I have a Treasure Hunter that would fill the house with Treasures and Antiques. Map room, Stock
  2. http://www.uocraft.com/taming/pet-power-calculator/
  3. In the thread the author says "First, CAUTION. DO NOT GO OVER 200 SKILL if you are going to use adv char tokens AFTER raising peace and music. If you DO go over, pull extra skill off using soul stones FIRST." Why would you use the advanced character token at a later time? Why wouldn't I use the token immediately? Confused here.
  4. I have to say I am on of the people that occasionally lose my temper. Not everyday, but every once and awhile. I guess venting to people I like helps me deal with that fact that I am not much of a player. I dunno. I try not to go on and on though.
  5. What is a solid price for a BS 120 PS? Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I am looking at one for 500k. That a fair price?
  6. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I am looking for some advise on a "Warrior" type build. I know I want a Parry fighter capable of taking damage and dishing it out in fair amounts too. This character will be primarily for PvE and certain Champion Spawns. I played the game for a good long time, but I always like to know what is new and strong in skill building. So far I am looking at: Weapons Skill (Swords, Fencing, Maces) Tactics Anatomy Parry Healing What else and what numbers? I could probably make a template and get it going and be ok, but I would really like a strong charact
  7. Hello, my name is Priam and I play on Sonoma. I thought I would say hello again. Queen Mum should recall me as some on Sonoma itself. I was Priam, Faramir, Gamble, Sidiele and Legand. I have been off playing other games for a bit, but I left my keep intact and my possessions in their musty trunks. I traveled to Skara Brae, one of my favorite towns, only to be greeted by Blood Elementals and other unfriendly sorts. What has transpired as of late?
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