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  1. Depends on what you are wanting to do with the game and guild. The Syndicate has an active recruiting process. They have a no red tolerance and you the person are being recruited not the character. So you cannot be apart of any other guild in any other game or server. As i said before. Just depends on what you want to do with the game. The Syndicate - Premier Online Gaming Guild
  2. Not sold. The person changed their mind at the last minute. Taking just about any offer on price.
  3. Looking to sell house outside of east Luna walls. 17X17. Possibly might become 18X18 tonight if someone doesn't place on IDOC next to it. Please ICQ with offers. 122478100
  4. I am actually going to drop the price from 100m OBO to 70m OBO.
  5. I left Origin. Went to ATL. So have no use for the house... if you know anyone let them know. I am just trying to get rid of it.
  6. Selling my luna house inside the walls. It is in the SW corner. 70m OBO
  7. i had a good spot to give out... but i accidentally let it fall... D'oh!
  8. ruaduck

    template help!

    i would add in Parry and and Chiv.. you have the bushido healing and pots and now chiv when needed. you have the resources to remove curses without using apples..still cna use apples. you have Bushido...only enhances your parry... You have baseline to be doing well against most other chars.
  9. What do you mean by "if that is where the bar is at?"
  10. i still hold emmissary status on Arirang for a guild that has been long running, but collapsed recently because of RL issues. The majority of the original members have quit UO. I am looking to bring back the guild, and possibly get the stone soon. Anyone interested let me know. If anyone remembers when The 47 Ronin [47] was on the shard we had alot of fun and did alot of spawns. Thanks ruaduck
  11. Not sure. I've always let my Keeps fall on that shard...
  12. Heaven's Angel of |M| used to be GoL
  13. Alot of NPC vendors will buy your recall scrolls for 45-40 GP each..
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