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  1. I have been in a stupier for two days messsing with this I am just plain stupid Thank you Very Much! See what watchin two kids and trying to find a minute to play will do to ya. Man do I need to get back to work this layoff is making me STUPID!
  2. When I was building a house on the lower level outside wall to the far east with nothing else built in the house at all besides both corners and a the wall I am not able to start a wall going east to west against the wall to the far east side without a tile of the outside wall disappearing>
  3. I have been away from UO for about 8 years now and the last CD I got was Lord Blackthorn's Revenge and I think maybe I have missed a expanstion cd somewhere along the way that would let me get to Malas so that I could go to luna. Can someone help please?
  4. Mummmm fresh baked cookies can't wait thanks for invite.
  5. Ahhhh Yes The Lag it is a LOT better and yes I am excited to play without it. But even so just want to have some people to interact with. Look forward to running into ya soon.
  6. I played catskills many, many years back and you couldn't even get close to most town banks. I just booted my account back up after let see 8 yrs, and ran around a bit and it was like a ghosttown matter of fact I don't think I even seen a ghost :'(. Is everyone just playing hide and go seek and I just can't find ya? Or is Catskills really that dead and is there maybe another shard everyone is on? Ok let see maybe this will work MARCO!
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