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  1. most games are WoW clones, but the same guy who is the lead developer for WoW made what? AoS. That's why he added in item stats, "raids" ect ect. He was literally changing UO to be WoW, but then left us and went to WoW. So if there ever was a WoW clone, UO was the first because it was the SAME guy. I'm NOT here to argue though, that's the last thing I want. I still love UO to the point where even in light of all of that, it still holds the best spot in my heart.
  2. the pre Chilton era. so pre 2003. I wasn't against Tram. I understand Nostalgia is a powerful thing. I can only speak for myself on this. I personally lost most of my interest in UO when people like Chilton tried to make it a WoW clone before WoW even dropped (then of course left us and joined WoW). The UO sandbox died 9 years ago (people who claim UO isn't a WoW clone are in denial now). And I know many people feel that way. To me, what i'm looking for is what I once enjoyed, no spreadsheets, a healthy rares market (no flood of dozen EM items per week), not changing Devs faster than the sp
  3. for anyone interested, their Kickstarter is up and running, it'll give you a lot more info on the game Greed Monger - A Crafting Focused Sandbox MMORPG by Jason M. Appleton (F&AM) — Kickstarter And Jason is being VERY active (and other Devs) on their forums, if you EVER wanted to look into this, or ask a bunch of questions, now is your time.
  4. I probably relate AoS to the bringing of annoying colors, spreadsheets and needing a massive group to "hunt WoW style". So I should have clarified a bit more. And I myself do not lose faith if someone outside the gaming community starts a game. WAY too many people now think "let's be as close to WoW as possible, so we can make ALL the $$$". I feel that's why we haven't seen a UO type game yet even though people are crying for one. Not many people are willing to risk it. I'm just glad someone is finally going to. Like my post said, DF and MO promised a UO type game, but they are both horribl
  5. there is a new game that looks like it's FINALLY doing what others have failed when they promised a sandbox we all love and miss (pre AoS). The name may be a bit misleading, but just take two seconds to look at the front page: Greed Monger - A Crafting focused MMORPG what's that? Skills, player homes, RARES market? hrrrrrm
  6. as far as i know, you only had a few days at best when ranger armor was first added to the game to smelt them... I think
  7. I believe the highest population is on ATL, it's still NOTHING like what it was back in the day *sigh*. however, you can still find guilds, luna bank sitters and some thing to do. so the game is still enjoyable at least! ... for now
  8. the gold is now $0.75 per! and I know people are afraid of buying gold, I will show you that I am markee dragon verified, give you my phone number if you wish to talk on the phone, or even set up an ebay auction (split the fees). any questions please ask!
  9. I am looking to get 0.85 per mil on LS, $1 per on other shards (100mil min on other shards). I know "uomart" was selling it at .55 per, but even they are charging .90 per now. I am trust who verified on markee dragon! so if you do not want to put in a CC on a website and want to deal with someone who has been around, then let me know! =) (reason it's $1 on other shard is because I have to transfer over there) I do understand people hate when someone sells gold for less than a $1 per mil, but I just have my linited supply and when it's gone I'm done selling it ICQ: 78881350 AIM: Deriu
  10. haha you didn't fail! these are tough items to find prices for! I can see the item bless deed going for 80mil (or more) cause i think you can still use them... I *think*
  11. I can not find info on the prices anywhere. a museum has a potted plant deed and ranger ingots on display... now I know the ranger ingots are rare, but i thought they were illegal. and i didnt think potted plant deeds were that rare thanks! -Derium
  12. what do you mean errors when you submit the info? and they took your email as well? didn't someone just a few days ago post about the same thing... Well I guess the good part is that if you are more worried about your chars and house, then when you get them back from EA, not *too* much of a loss... guess =/ I don't play on Pac, but I have a few items over there, linke ingots and such that you can have. it's not much, but it's a start!
  13. wait, how do you do that? I didn't know you could haha
  14. did your friend actually call EA? cause when my girlfriends account was stolen (it was while we were playing) with in a matter of ten minutes the account was locked. All she lost was her vet rewards. also, if they were looting things from multiple accounts/houses... it HAS to be someone you all know. it might not have been a hack, as so much as logging on, changing the password then looting. but either way, I'm sorry to hear that =( UO is having a hard enough time not dying as it is!
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