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  1. rares, armour, un-opened chests from Miasma, regs, recipes, too much stuff. If you wants a look see let me know when you will be on line and I will meet you. Matt
  2. Ok sorry my mistake It is a large tower, but stocked with loads of gear! Matt
  3. it is a small keep (3 storey with the large roof) sure it is called a lareg keep looks like this one: Christmas in UO 2008, 2D | Flickr - Photo Sharing! It is just outside Umbra Matt
  4. well the account is till for sale! Matt
  5. Veteran Account for sale 2 rewards to take now. Account will come with a large Keep outside Umbra and stocked full of stuff. Comes with a gm warrior, gm miner/smith, gm tamer Contact me with a time and I will meet online to show you the house and chars or I can send a zip file with some of the account screenshots Open to sensible offers! Thanks
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