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  1. I recently wandered back and am finding that the last post column in the Forums has entries that show a post as posted Today that was posted days before and isn't always the actual last post. I've also found that the Gyldenfeld thread on Chesapeakes Shard Forum always shows the New Message Lantern lit without there being a new message there. Anyone else noticing things like this, or at least know how to fix it from past experience?
  2. About when will the interview be happening? Having a Producer who is a hardcore homicid... ah, dedicated, ah, ... player... ah.. Producer... ah.. <sees the sky part above him and a cheshire cat grin> :new_shocked: [ATTACH]13176[/ATTACH] ...oh man that smarts... .
  3. I am thankful someone is trying to make & maintain a map program for UO. I'll just be much happier when he gets it working better. At least he's putting serious effort into solving it's quirks. That work ethic must make him very popular with his RL employers Q.C. department.
  4. Tanivar

    Mage Build?

    I went with this template. The 2 plus 28 from jewelry left in Focus is from points going to powerescrolls. First column is total skill, 2nd is real points, 3rd is skill added from jewelry. I use jewelry to replace that 7th high skill powerscrolls took away. Mage 120 100 +26 Eval 100 100 --- Med 100 100 --- Splwv 120 120 --- Necro 120 107 +13 Sp Spk 120 107 +13 Focus 30 2 +28 Resist 110 84 +26
  5. I was told to click the Refresh button, but not the Next button unless I was switching between two clients. I had to click Refresh, then also Next to maybe get it to work. Ultima Mapper would offer an update, ask for an Administrator password, then reject it and shutdown. Just to much messing around to get the thing working. I finally uninstalled it, and went back to UOAM which has the nice shop icons. UOAM may not be an approved third-party program but it's what works. EA decides they don't want my $26 a month over it, I'll go spend it elsewhere. I can see why Ultima Mapper got approved a
  6. Can the Spellweaving timer be changed so it only runs when the character or account is logged in so that Spellweaving can be used in the mornings, afternoons, and early evenings, instead of just late evenings and the midnight hours? Getting enough spellweavers together for a full focus is a very rare thing outside of the evening busy period. It's running out real time means Spellweaving is only usable from about 7 or 8 in the evening to 4 or 5 in the morning. Most of us sleep half of that.
  7. Taming & Animal Lore both effect your chances of Taming & controlling a pet. If the monster info says you need 95.0 skill, it's refering to both of these skills. You'll want Animal Lore as high as your Taming skill. Animal Lore also adds to the amount of healing your Veteranairy skill does when you bandage your pet the same way Anatomy skill does for Healing skill. If your on Chesapeake I can make the jewelry and give you a +26 to all three Taming skills plus 2 more +13's. You've jumped into the deep end of Taming the way I did. Take time to practice what your learning. You sudde
  8. You can try for large quantities of blank scrolls on a commodity deed from a vendor, otherwise you will have to go through the hours of play required to build up the amount the NPC mage shop vendors offer. The Mage NPC vendors offer 20 blank scrolls at a time to start and restock every so often. If the quantity they have is zero when the restock happens, the amount they offer doubles from the last restock amount. If the quantity is not zero when the restock happens, the amount offered for sale drops by half. The maximum is 999. I buy reagents every few weeks to sell on a vendor. It takes
  9. A pack animal that is carrying something will not log out with your character unless it is a blue beetle and your character is riding it at log out. It will just stay in game and eventually go wild again if it can't see it's owner. Don't recall how long that is, but it's less than overnight.
  10. My house is just over the bridge south of Luna in Malas. I typically run a chat channel named Shaman's Crafting (send messages by typing comma space text) that you can join and toss any questions you have my way. Welcome to Chesapeake oh fellow crafter.
  11. The biggest challenge will be the learning curve for UO. After fourteen years there is a lot to this game world. I've been here since 2000 and there are still things to learn. This game is a sandbox where you can do what you want when you want, your not limited to hunting a certain monster in a certain location because your a certain level like most games. Of course, this means life is very dangerous here. That quiet looking forest ahead might be one of the many spots where Bad Things play. Many players focus on getting thier skills maxed out, getting high end gear, and hunting the high end
  12. I did at 11 am. The Update Server is likely just down for maintenence. It happens on occasion. Just leave your client running today to save the update attempts. I imagine it will be back up later today.
  13. My Scribe got occasional Super Slayers at GM over the years. I think all 120 Magery does is give you a slightly better chance at multiple mods on the books.
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