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  1. I think it would be cool if they created another title of gorvernment where you can control all of tramel, felucia, malas, etc? Maybe storm the castle in Britian and become the new king? That would be kick ass and maybe awaken the game abit where you can control the govenors more, and make sure you get your tax rates? Maybe impose income tax on anything thats hunted with in the facet? I think that would be cool... UO needs some new changes that the players can do more than just be a vendor.
  2. Can you provide screenshots of the location of the tower, and castle. May be interested in purchasing for my new Atlantic PVP Guild.
  3. Im new to the Atlantic Shard had transferred from Europa and Chessapeake.... Who was Goodman?
  4. I spent the last 30 minutes or so rummaging through all the soulstones you have and unfortunately non of them were mine
  5. Im looking for a SoulStone Graveyard on Atlantic... Im searching for my old soulstones from 2008.
  6. Im adding Hiding and Stealth to my template. Let my White Wyrm or Dragon do the work while I heal them from a far.
  7. Here are some screenshots of my bows I would have to have enhanced if possible.
  8. I have an Uber PVM Magical Short Bow I would like to have reforged or imbued... Is this possible?
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