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  1. It would be nice but I doubt it... that and known our luck they will make it "WoW-like" like most MMO's out there now days =/ (not bashing WoW just stating that seems like every company that puts out an MMO seems to by trying to copy it is all) If they would make it like UO then it be totally awesome! keeping the difficulty like it should and such. I'd be happy with that but as well UO2 is probably just as dead as many other games I been looking forward too... -RMS Carpathia-
  2. haha yeah I forgot to add the screenshot when I last posted... I got it to work now... I wanted to cancelle it sense it was taking so long... Thanks Cesco! (Can stop reading. Just explaning or as Adam calls it "rambling" more stuff haha) All I had to do was move the slider bar up just a tad bit and allowed me to "hit apply again" sense everything was greyed out. But was afraid to do anything sense it WAS in the process of doing something... I have already messed up my computer countless time for being to curious. Ask Adam he knows the many of them... if not ALL of the times I have me
  3. Flustrating! Need help here =/ Something I followed a website step by step too so I wouldn't mess this up, and when I finished and should have been done with under 10 minutes tops... it has been going for MORE than 6 hours now. And I am ONLY doing 15GB!! >_< (Need it to install OS X Tiger (PPC) for Classic Environment to hopfully run an older MMO... if not least I will have it for storage I guess) I know there is other mac people here does one know how to stop this partitioning without screwing up the hard drive? I have this amazing luck at even the most SIMPLIEST things but "if"
  4. Hey I remember some of those and some of them I do not but are very pretty! -RMS Carpathia-
  5. That is pretty cool! It really does look like a guy sitting there hard to say though... as they said could have been the trick of the light -RMS Carpathia-
  6. Do I have to admit that it all didn't happen the way you predicted it? ... I think I worded that right O_o -RMS Carpathia-
  7. What you talking about Adam? You are saying Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus is a "good" film? This very film wouldn't be considered a "bad" one? haha! Though I do not think you had time to post "that" one yet =P -RMS Magikarpathia-
  8. Happy Birthday Buddy Lee! Make it a good one! -RMS Carpathia-
  9. Haha yeah anyone for Adam to torment he will let in! =P Welcome along with Pitr! -RMS Carpathia-
  10. Did you HAVE to link that?! AHHHH!!! I totally love Duke Nukem!! Oh my gosh that looks so awesome! ... funny enough though ha ha I kind of forgot that it would be in the so called "good graphics" I am so used to playing Duke in them MS Dos uber graphics that well I am used to it and do not think of it any other way! And I picked out EVERYONE of the creatures from the original games! It was so awesome! Though uhh DiP as much as I totally loved the video! Though there is a "tad bit" of swearing and well... a girl with erm... not much of a top. At all actually! In fact rather... flesh toned
  11. Congradulations Corvak! -RMS Carpathia-
  12. I have "heard" of it but do not know much beyond that... sadly =/ -RMS Carpathia-
  13. I hear there is a Duke Nukem coming out for Nintendo DS... does anyone know more about this? Or so I thought there was.. -RMS Carpathia-
  14. I still play Duke Nukem to this day and got Voradan into it and he and I were totally looking into this but unfornatlly well... there will be none... the world needed another Duke Nukem! Ah well my plans are still to get an older computer to run MS-DOS games without DOS Box so I can Duke it out all I want =P -RMS Carpathia-
  15. http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/plugged-in/gaming-s-oldest-preorder-may-go-unfulfilled/1312328 Article husband linked me... Dad and I been waiting for it for a very long time as well... kind of sad to see that it will never come out but was expected with how long it was taking them... -RMS Carpathia-
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