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  1. I must have missed this. Guess it's time to look for more info...
  2. I'm far from an expert when it comes to builds, but I'll give my opinion on Hiding/Stealth/Ninjitsu, since I have that in my build. I like the hide/stealth combo (Hiding 100, Stealth 80 - reason for 80 is because it only does a stealth check after 16 steps and gives me more points to put into other skills). It has come in handy. While walking around collecting wool to make bandages, Had a red come on screen (ok, 90%+ of the people on SP are red), but I hid and stealthed away while they were frantically running around trying to find me. It was kinda funny to watch. As for Ninjitsu, @ 70, you
  3. Woo-Hoo! I was WRONG! 18th Anniversary Limited Time Offer To help us celebrate our 18th Anniversary we would like to announce that if you have a current subscription, reactivate your account, or start a new account in August, September, or October, your account will have the Time of Legends expansion applied automatically. A gift from us to you! Happy Birthday UO! Edit: http://us9.campaign-archive2.com/?u=17d7bd79de495239fca33bcf5&id=c5d4e50900&e=97e1c6fa05
  4. To expand on that: http://www.uoguide.com/Guaranteed_Gain_System
  5. Not arguing, just trying to piece it together. The expansion isn't the gift. >>our gift to the players this year will be new land to adventure, Eodon. Just the land. Kinda like Ish I'm guessing (An expansion that is accessible to all). I'm thinking, and could totally be wrong, but new items (like the other expansions require) will need the expansion. Just a thought, one can only speculate from that. I also share your feelings about the 5 year question lack of comment. I want to hope for the best and think "Well, maybe they might go free to play"? (Hey,. one can wish) and they didn't
  6. I've been playing >17 years, and have always wondered this. Thank you so much for this! Any chance you know when this feature got added? (yea, I'm too lazy to research... sorry.)
  7. There are curved walls. Here is an example (Not the best example, but you get the idea). I've seen people build large round Silos.
  8. Vet rewards only count for time accumulated via paying subscription
  9. This is an awesome idea! More work for y'all, but definitely an awesome idea.
  10. A link to how to set up & link the EA/UO account stuff might be a good idea. Heaven knows that was such a pain to set up, and could be discouraging.
  11. UOGuide.com is a useful site - here is their page on Commodity Deeds.
  12. I don't think so, at least not from this list: http://www.uoguide.com/Costume
  13. Duh, my bad. Kayhynn is correct. You can trade them, but there is no real point in putting 120 skill into them, as the other person won't be able to use it, so jan333 would be wasting skills (Unless the intention was to show off you own someones 120 skills).
  14. No. As a matter of fact, I used to have guildmates come kill them when I was taming, because they aren't tamable, and take up spawn population (In one spot in Ilsh, only 2 will spawn at a time).
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