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  1. My apologies since I seem to have struck some raw nerves and offended. I simply enjoy 2d, it's part of what makes UO special to me. It wasn't intended as a threat towards the devs or a personal attack.
  2. That sounds like an accusation. Please don't point fingers and tell people that what they enjoy is holding everyone else back. KR does not feel like UO to me. SA does not feel like UO to me. A true 3d engine with all the newest bells and whistles would not be UO to me. When the 2d client is removed, I will be removing my subscription.
  3. And perhaps that's where things begin unraveling... After all, Blackthorn was originally British's most trusted confidant correct? I can see Casca quite easily succumbing to Blackthorn's philosophical rationale. Perhaps we may see Blackthorn "reborn" in some manner.
  4. This is a new one for me! I was wandering through Vesper when I saw the gigantic brute, are these new or have I been living under a rock?
  5. I am! I'll take care of that, thank you very much!
  6. I just bought 33.3 points worth of the Resisting Spells skill, but only received 0.3 actual points into the skill. 333 gold was deducted from my pile, so it charged me the whole amount. I've double checked my available skill points, and I have plenty to spare. I just tried logging out/in to see if it was simply a lag related issue, but the skill points remain at 0.3. I did get this goofy message upon login though... Any help would be greatly apreciated!
  7. Sounds like a royal hoot! I wish I could have been around in those days!
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