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  1. Wow, so if I tame five bears and bring them into a player's house (public home) and release them, they'll go on a rampage and break everything? only if they are trapped? so if I bring crates and block them will they go berserk?
  2. Welcome back! I love the PKS!
  3. Hate to post in such an old thread, but I have to agree with Lord Gareth. The tips and pointers he gave are great. I have a strong opinion on what homes I like and what I don't... homes that are "too much" and just a display of rares and neon colored things make me blahhhh. I think the best homes I've seen are from RPers... check Europa. Stonekeep and area around Yew has awesome homes. And the hidden valley west of trinsic has some really beautiful homes from the guild "Trinsic Rogues".
  4. I have never heard of these automated ways... is it like a script, something automatic? Sorry, I'm so clueless.
  5. The GRD aren't exactly the friendliest roleplayers, had to pay tax to cross the road. Haha!
  6. I just have to say that having played UO since it began 10 years ago, I have overlooked this gem of a shard for far too long. I *love* this shard. The people are interesting, funny, smart, and the player run towns are AMAZING! I went to GRD's Stonekeep and it was amusing and imaginative! You guys here are awesome! I will probably be playing here most of the time now Ciao!
  7. This is an awesome idea... sometimes people need to shop for things that aren't "uber" haha.
  8. After just creating a test char in Europa, i think it is one of the best shards out there. People are VERY well spoken (they don't just use lol, hai, k, thx, bai, etc). Very social and lots of cool, intelligent people!
  9. Ahaha~ I will definitely go visit your homes, they sound awesome. *lol* a tea house! I've always wanted to make an inn, best in hospitality on Siege.. I've a question about craftsmen on siege, they're quite important, no?
  10. ^ oh... i think i know wt you mean. I guess you're referring to the frame rate. and when characters move it is impossible to be "seamless" in 2d. because each step is a step further in the "tile" land. whereas in KR you can glide over the tiles (that is, if you can run it properly).
  11. ^ I also like Brit more than Luna, but I guess Luna is right in front of their moongate, and the bank is basically a mall with all the shops in the same building. Also, player homes surround Luna right outside so it's kind of an extended shopping area. but Luna lacks character badly.
  12. Thanks all for your encouragement and input guys! And sticking to my own play style has paid off! I had the greatest time in UO today. I met 2 new players (they are from another shard) and it was just like the good old times. The sense of teamwork, danger, and working together. We were all in the same boat, with less than good equipment, but we did dungeon crawls and earned our own gold. The prescence of a few shady characters and reds really added to the excitement. We were all different classes too, it really felt like a fantasy novel. Siege, so far, has been great fun!
  13. Eva: What the hell are you on? I am not asking the VETERANS to change their playing style because the game's "too hard for me". You are not getting my point, or Thorodin's, or WyndRyder's. If you want to use skateboarders as comparison (lol), then imagine this: I just gotten a skateboard, I'm skating around the neighbourhood, falling a few times, trying to do very basic tricks, but nevertheless having a good time. Then comes these pro skateboarders who try to "teach", instruct me on every single detail on how I should practice skateboarding to be a pro, and ask you to join their "Skate Clu
  14. it should work! I'm using a mondain's legacy i downloaded, but i haven't upgraded to it per se, so i can access the lands. but it still worsk! i can go to luna, umbra, etc.
  15. there was a thief who kept snooping me at Luna bank, maybe like 3 people at Britain bank tops. everyone keeps saying hi to you and saying "are you new?". people are always running around (prob doing some stuff). in brit graveyard have not seen a single soul and never have I encountered a pk. and yes, i think most people are hidden, which is not a lot.
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