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  1. Yeah, but the loot for the [renowneds] themselves is beyond horrible. I mean, it's sub-regular dragon. Sub-daemon. Honestly, I've probably found better loot on orcs. And some of them take forever to kill. The ratmen ones, for instance, take a good 15 minutes of thwacking. And the spawn won't advance until the renowned mob is down...so yeah, some small loot bump would be great. Maybe like give 10 of a random imbuing ingredient to the top 3 damagers? On a similar note, the first level of the three Cavern of the Discarded spawns' loot needs to be fixed too...unlike every other first leve
  2. Incidentally, after playing with mysticism on Test Center, I've decided to make a gargoyle mystic -- mysticism is pretty nice, even though it's a hefty skill point investment. Gargoyles, on the other hand, I am having very mixed feelings about already. I've spent all evening trying to gear up and now have a pounding headache...it is not fun. Earrings and necklace are just ridiculous as non-meddable slots, and figuring out which arties will work and which won't ain't much fun either.
  3. Which entrance? I've never noticed this.
  4. This was changed in the most recent patch. You don't need stam regen gear anymore, unless you're planning on flying halfway across britannia without stopping.
  5. No problem. I was really confused myself...that's why I did the tests, and I figured I must not be the only one.
  6. This is a tough one. They have a lot of drawbacks. IMO, there are three potential character types that could justifiably be made gargoyle: 1) Imbuer - already covered. 2) Thrower - I haven't played with it yet, but from what I understand, throwing is pretty weak right now. If you want to do throwing though, you have to be gargoyle, so that's a no-brainer. 3) Tamer who relies almost exclusively on greater dragons - This is the tricky one, and this is the one that I'm considering switching myself. They fixed the stamina drain from flying, so now you can fly more or less forever without lot
  7. In my opinion, no. I made a post on Stratics showing the difference in Imbuing success chance between human and gargoyle... (looks it up) To all those who are thinking about making their crafters gargoyles just for imbuing. - Stratics Forums As you can see, for the last mod, the percentage difference is quite small. Whether that half a percent is worth it to you is your call, but for me it's not. Human crafters have strong back -- very useful -- and bonus resources to gathering. Elven crafters have extra mana and a higher chance to find special resources. Both can ride blue beetles an
  8. Even aside from problems from the colorblind, that color puzzle room is very annoying. But yeah, colorblindness isn't that uncommon, and it's something that really should be accommodated in game.
  9. It's ridiculously annoying no matter how you do it. Teleporting works fine for the first two rooms, but in the last one, it's very easy to teleport too far and then be unable to teleport back to the other side of the room, thus causing everything to break and you to have to start over.
  10. I came back after 7 years away and my characters were all still there. Of course my items had been converted to the new item system, which I didn't understand at all, but the characters themselves were there.
  11. This is one of those posts that is so fundamentally wrong-headed, I don't even know how to refute it. But I will say that they aren't providing any content "for free". We all pay to play this game -- the more accurate analogy would be paying for soup in a restaurant and then being told that if you'd like to eat that soup with a spoon, there'll be a charge for that as well.
  12. Well, I haven't played much yet, but the logjam to having lots of +skill mods on suits is two things: first, jewelry mod slots are generally needed for other jewelry-specific mods (like FC/FCR, SDI, DCI, HCI, etc.), and second, getting the right combo of those skills is really tricky to find, especially in conjunction with the other needed mods. Having 4 jewelry slots takes care of problem #1, and imbuing should take care of problem #2. I don't anticipate people running around with +300 skill points loaded on their jewelry -- that would severely handicap them in other areas -- but I think 6
  13. Wow. If all those changes persist, it's gonna be a whole different game.
  14. If you are going to go elf, be sure to put a couple of stamina regen on your gear. If you are running with 10 or 15 dex (as you probably will be), you'll get very sick of the "too fatigued to move" message without JOAT Focus. Also, don't forget that you can ride Cu Sidhes as a human -- you just need to wear pads of the cu sidhe. Personally, I use my GD like 90% of the time anyway, and I have my cu sidhe mostly just for variety. Finally, a question: why hiding but no stealth? You can get the same result with invis potions or the invisibility spell. I'd either drop hiding or add stealth
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