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  1. The truth about the US is that it is a republic just like ancient Rome and as such is a Representative form of government. Instead of a every citizen getting a vote on every topic of our government we elect representatives in the form of legislators to vote for us in bulk on most issues.
  2. I am looking to come back let me know if there is intereast
  3. Can't wait till I get myself back in game there will be no dungeon unexplored nor evil unmolested and the Templar will rise to former Glory and beyond
  4. I would love to but I am still in financial crisis and unable to rejoin UO at this time. Sorry
  5. The best use of skill increase items is for training. It allows you to boost your skill to the next effective level for better gains. As for the Hatchet I do believe it does not increase beyond maximum levels
  6. This truly rests heavy on my heart. The Templars were the first guild to ask me to join thier fold since I started to play back at the start of the AOS. It was truly an honor to play this game with each and every one of you and God willing I will get myself back on my feet and usher in a new age of the Templars.
  7. Please someone post something about the Templars ingame activities I really miss my time in game and would like to hear what, if anything, has been going on
  8. A hellspawned demon trapped in the body of a cat looking to be injected into...
  9. Based on what I have read you should try the 60-70% ranges, also if your music is greater then 100 then it will diminish your skill gains, as it will increase your success chances.
  10. As of 10-6-2010 my kids are officially mine and are no longer associated with the state! YEAH!!!!!
  11. Well the Duchy will be blessed with the noble knights presence amongst their ranks and we will be blessed by having ranks
  12. but the the poor doggy had a headache so they decided to go to the...
  13. Well I think it's just a matter of respecting those around you. Manners (Southern is just a word add if you ask me) start with respecting others and yourself. People in modern society are no longer taught to respect anything but power and money. Therefore they are always looking for and trying to acquire "Respect" even though they have no idea what it truly means.
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