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  1. Hiya, further to my earlier post, i quite enjoyed starting out with but 1000gp to my name, and decided id train the char i made up a bit. I went to buy a runebook... but i got lost in translation for obvious reasons. If anyone happens to read this post and 1- speaks english and 2-has a mage/scribe that could make me a runebook with a few banks, and runes to the entrances to the newbee dungeons, Despise, Shame... that one with the Harpies in it, that would be fab!! Thanks. Please if you can, ICQ me on 176585183. Thanks!! And Merry Xmas!!
  2. Wow, guys thanks so much, i was chuffed to bits to find it, but now my thoughts are confirmed, Super Chuffed!!! Its just a shame my deco skills have gone to pot!! =] Thanks for all the nice comments.. and Merry Xmas!!
  3. Ever since i found out about the Secret Areas, years and years ago i always wanted one. So maybe a month ago, i found a 'slightly worn' I marked a rune and then forgot all about it! So fast forward to now and the space was still there! Yay for the dwindling population!
  4. Due to mass lag on my home shard Europa, i made a newbee on Wakoku and now have GM Resists! [/useless information]
  5. Rare? Common as muck? Any info appreciated! Thanks
  6. On europa, i will pay whatever they are worth. Please pm me if you can tame me one, thank you
  7. Thanks for the input- i think - im going to stick with the 18x18
  8. *bookmarks that site* Thank you! I bought 2 tokens for ..i think.. i forgot.. about 700k, but its all i really needed, but i guess if theres a few floating about, i may buy them too, will see how the deco goes!
  9. I wanted to buy the housing and 7th char upgrade code but EVERYTIME i enter my details for checkout i get this: A problem was encountered while processing your order:There was a problem encountered while processing your order. If you continue to have problems, you can order Ultima Online products over the phone. Please call 1-866-543-5435 and press option 1, wait a moment, then press option 1 again to speak with a sales representative. Now i dont mind paying $29.99 for this from this site, however, it looks like im going to have to use an external site and pay $36,99. Im in UK so does this
  10. Let us be able to go to icey places, dagger isle, and some Malas ice areas, and dig up snow and ice and make our own 'Crafted By' items, like mini igloo sculptures, and mini snowmen or something, and maybe if a char has tailoring, then that can auto add a scarf to your snowman to keep him... er...warm?
  11. Buying: Heritage tokens 1-5 Comm deed box Selling: Orny of Magician 12m DP Kegs 10k each (have 12) G.Agility Kegs 5k each (have 4)
  12. Practice Crook 250k Meli Hair dye light blue and bod purple 350k each Gorg of Honesty 250k Studded 137 luck sleeves dyed luna white 100k Thanks PM or ICQ 176585183 if interested in anything.
  13. I just got flamed in ideas and suggestions cos i suggested this. I think its a brilliant idea.
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