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  1. I would like to start a vendor house. Is there a web site somewhere with suggested prices for items on Atlantic? If not how does everyone come up with the prices they put on items?
  2. Thank you MaLadies. You have been a big help. The game has changed so much these past years it is hard to know where or what to fight to get anything. Hopefully after searching these websites I shall be able to find where to get taint, corruption and I already see you need to begin a quest to find the dreadhorn not to mentiont something about getting some keys. Phew so much for just going to Destard or another dungeon and killing this or that. Which was tough enough alone. Oh well sorry to ramble on. I hope you both have the happiest of Fourth of Julys. Thank again
  3. Is there a site we can go to that tells us what monster spawns what loot and where it can be found?
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