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  1. This isn't always the best policy. Passwords that are complicated are hard to remember, which leads to people writing them down everywhere (unless they use an automatic password manager like LastPass or something). Passphrases are technically more secure, while being a lot easier to remember. To quote XKCD: Its a webcomic, yes, but the math it demonstrates is basically solid.
  2. Um, what's that about Blackthorne's Castle? I haven't been in game for a while. Did I miss something about it disappearing?
  3. You might look into Tesseract for open source OCR recognition on android devices. I don't know if it exists on other platforms or not.
  4. PM sent. Edit: Just checked my email and saw that you already sent
  5. Because with a mage weapon, its like having weapon skill for that weapon. So if you're a 120 mage with a -20 mage weapon sword, you're effectively fighting with 100 swordsmanship.
  6. With parry you get the added stats of a shield, which you have to rearm after casting a spell. With wrestling you get the benefits of a 120 weapon skill and can perform paralyzing blow and disarm. You'll have better natural defense with wrestling, unless you use a mage weapon with your shield, which cuts your magery and doesn't permit you to use special attacks unless you also have tactics. So wrestling is overall better, except for the fact that you don't get handheld item stats. In my own opinion, anyway.
  7. I've written an installation script for PlayOnLinux (a Wine frontend) that will automate the installation of either of the UO clients, plus UO Assist for the Classic client. There's a Mac version of the software called PlayOnMac which (to my knowledge) does exactly the same thing as PlayOnLinux. Before I release the script publicly, I'm looking for one or two Mac users who would be willing to test the script on PlayOnMac to ensure that it works for Mac as well. Downloads - PlayOnMac - Run your Windows applications on Mac easily! for the PlayOnMac software if you're interested. post a
  8. If you don't like gay marriage in a game, then don't get gay married in your game.
  9. lol, its been a while since I've played actively
  10. UO runs perfectly fine under wine in Linux, and I imagine it will work just as well for OSX. In fact, it even runs better in wine than it does in Windows - that bug where your client would crash when you go through a moongate doesn't happen in wine (they might have fixed it in Windows by now).
  11. Or just kill one of the red ronin NPCs outside of the gates. They always carry one.
  12. I saw the headline and at first I thought it meant that people now have permission to put missiles in their flats. first thing that went through my mind was "Cool"
  13. The only reason we have the circle in WBB at all is to help make WBB the hub it once was. If other cities start getting the circles too, it'll just give people one more reason to not go to Brit.
  14. If you want to train and maintain five additional accounts for this, its legal.
  15. Having a bit of trouble making it work under Linux. I'll send you an ICQ once I'm up and running though.
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