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  1. I have to check... but Owl's Eye Tavern in Deepwater (Europa) is also quite old. Was placed a few days after Europa went up, too.
  2. All of the templates posted here go with swordmanship. So far I have only experience with a "normal" samurai (without necro) with fencing as weapon skill. I like it quite alot but would like to build up a second fighter as a sampire. Is it mandatory to use sword as weapon, or will fencing go to?
  3. So, this is going to be a one-way ticket? Or should I have another shield on the other shard too? Beside x-shard traders, who else needs such a constant amount of transfer tokens? Still quite disappointed about the 14th year reward.
  4. Disappointed that there isn't a new mount for 14th years.... not sure why we would like a shard transfer token.
  5. And if you have Pinco's UI for the EC you can even designate a loot-bag. Where all the "clicked" items drop into.
  6. You could also try general chat. From time to time tamers are there who would do it for free.
  7. Do they come with 255 durability? Somewhere else it was mentioned you couldn't pof them, I think.
  8. Is there already any site where we can check e.g. the mods of the armor sets etc?
  9. Actually, you can install wine (MacOSX/Building - The Official Wine Wiki) directly in Leopard. It will create a "Windows"-like environment while still running your nice OS X Leopard. I found that link quite helpfull for setting up wine: Installing Wine on Mac OS X In your case there is no particular need to switch to Ubuntu. Which is another operating system. I just mentioned it in the case that there would be another PC. And actually Safari is just your browser. Like Firefox.
  10. The shield is part of the Virtue Artifacts (Artifacts (Virtue) - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia ) and will drop automatically in your backpack. Virtue Artifacts are granted when you fight monsters in the Anti-Virtue Dungeons. As tougher the monster as higher the chance to get such an item sooner.
  11. I agree with tayo. I think in the videos he looked like a nice guy. And it is a pity that he couldn't write a farewell note by himself on the site.
  12. Why would I like to have windows on a Mac. Happy that I don't need to use it anymore. UO goes fine with wine on Mac OSX and Linux.
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