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  1. Hi Wally! Welcome to the guild!
  2. Should we post the story framework/notes here or did you want to keep it under wraps?
  3. Oooh. I think I'll take Shadrhi down to visit Sudiva and see if her graphic has changed at all or see if she is still down there. For the Britain underworld entrance, we can use the bagball cave trick again and have the run open up in the water elemental section of Destard if we want to roleplay any excursions down into the underworld.
  4. Welcome you two. Sorry I couldn't join you in-game yesterday Candice. I couldn't get away from work. By the way, we should put together LRC suits for them, especially with all the loot we've been gathering from the invasions. I'm sure it will be easier than ever now.
  5. If anyone comes across a ring or bracelet with +15 stealing jewelry you'd be willing to part with, do let us know. We have a kit for joining the thieves guild and these two items would complete the kit and allow characters to join without having to spend any points in stealing. Thank you.
  6. Welcome to both Vard and Drakentol. I understand one of Mistique's friends joined as well on the character Chris Neville. Welcome to you as well.
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