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  1. Hey guys, hope you are all ok. Currently I am searching for ideas for a house I need to build that will storage all my fat loot I really dont want another borg cube, but it has to functional so I can quickly acess and storage all my stuff. Any help will be reward with a personal thanks from yours truly P.S- I saw a house that looked exactly like a factory the other day, it seemed to have lots of room, but now I dont remember exactly how to make it like that.
  2. Chops

    Alchemy Archer

    Is this template any good on the field ? I have seen some in action and it looks a bit overkill, they will do a concussion blow special then throw a greater conflagration pot at ya. so you almost have 100 damage in the matter of seconds. Any input on this ?
  3. Hum nowdays with the elfs hability to reveal you and all that stuff isn't it better to have 120 stealth ?
  4. Thanks alot for your input you guys
  5. I recently got a real small plot around 2 floors house 7x8 and so far it's been really hard to make a good custom house. I wanted to make it a vendor house with room for a few chests but so far I have only managed to make an ugly marble cube.
  6. I recently bought a supposedly 18x18 plot but I am getting some doubts if it's really a 18x18.Is there any way to check it ?
  7. Chops

    Stealth Archer

    Looking for a stealth archer template, skills and stats. I already got the idea of using the legs that give more 40 skill to stealth, also gonna use hunters, voice of the falling king and stormgrips or pugs. Still undecided on how much stealth I should go with, just gm or more than gm. Resist or no resist, healing or just chivalry etc. Thanks in advance
  8. Chops

    Mage PvP Dilemma

    Whoa nice, I didn't know that, thanks
  9. Chops

    Mage PvP Dilemma

    Do share
  10. Chops

    Mage PvP Dilemma

    Thanks for all your input, I was also inclined to inscribe mage, but like I said the damage bonus seems small to such a commitement. Do you think it's worth spending 100 points for having 1 or 2 damage points ?
  11. He was quitting the game and wanted to give some of his stuff to the newbs.
  12. Chops

    Archer template

    I am confused isn't that 40 med useless because you use non med equipment ? What kind of template are you running ?
  13. Chops

    Archer template

    Would jackals and leggins of bane be out of the question for a pvp archer ? Since it's not medablle ?
  14. Chops

    Mage PvP Dilemma

    Thanks for the input, could you explain to me why exactly the necro wrestling mage is not viable anymore ? May sound like a stupid question but how will I run out of mana ? I also thought on making an inscribe mage, but I was told that you only get like 2 more damage points to each spell you make.
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