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  1. I really hope it works out right! I do know you have to register the game fully (with ccard, it annoyed me too) even with the game time codes. I wish EA could make the way into UO less bugged and better updated.
  2. I've recently purchased a game time code - it was applied directly to the account, and when last month's regular cc paid time went out, it started using the game code time, looks like this in the Subscription Info tab: Coupons/Promotions Days Remaining: Ultima Online 90 Days Game Time 84 of 90 Do remember that you need to register with a cc card, even if you use a game code: they need the info as a backup, I think it is. They won't pull any money off your card when a game time code is in effect. They don't pull money off mine, anyway. Hope some of this helps
  3. About using a staff: I'm not sure what you mean, but I'll try: If you're using magery spells, the staff will go to your backpack when you cast - unless it's a spell channeling one. If you do the magery quest in New Haven (raising magery to 50) you'll get a staff which is a spell channeling mage weapon, it's called Ember Staff. What this means, is: you don't have to re-equip it when you cast magery spells, as it won't drop to your backpack every time you cast; and you don't need a weapon skill (mace fighting) to use it: when equipped, it will lower your magery with 10 points. As for gettin
  4. 1) Most food will come off the ground when you double-click it - if it's been pulled out of the ground already you will eat it. Horses will eat hay, but you won't - you can find wheat on the farms southeast of Britain. I usually buy apples for my horses at the provisioner's shops. After a while of feeding them, week or something, not certain, the packy bonds to you, and it'll follow you when you recall - very handy. 2) You go up to an animal trainer and say 'claim list'. A list of your stabled pets will come up, and you can pick the pet you require. I assume it works that way in KR too (I
  5. There's a reason for these quests: The possibility of playing an elf arrived late in UO - with the Mondain's Legacy expansion. A lot of people had been roleplaying elves with the standard human chars up till then, and the human-to-elf quest allowed them to convert their 'elves' to the new race.
  6. I got one in that castle very recently. Two weeks or something. But I still think it was from a Controller. They might drop on the Controllers in Exodus' Dungeon too.
  7. It drops, yes. If I remember correctly, the Controllers wandering around Minax' Castle in central Ishenar carry them.
  8. If I remember correctly, you can cast magic trap on a pouch? Or was this long ago and doesn't work anymore? I'll test it Edit: Tested it. They did just a bit too much damage, yep. Sorry
  9. Somebody actually accepted all those rezzes just to shout at you? That's strange and somehow a bit wonderful
  10. They are -very- popular. If you have some, I think you can just about name your price. I haven't seen them available, ever, since the academic (full) bookcase was introduced as a carpentry craftable. I'm sure you can get 500k for it. Or a million. Or more.
  11. Neat! Thanks for the quick replies! I notice I managed to post in the Europa forum instead of the general
  12. Do any of you know if it's possible to do the elf-to-human quest, and then do the human-to-elf quest afterwards? I want to change my elf's skin colour.
  13. Cheeseplant: The new floor is the plaster one, middle picture. By the way, The Forge and Loom's on Europa? I'd love to have a look at it first hand, too
  14. Exp/fs on a mage like that could do 70-ish damage to a des sanct'ed player. Without des sanct, you'd do 50-ish damage. This is assuming the player has 70 fire resist
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