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  1. Theres quite a few old Ultima Games you can play, I actually still have a couple I bought in the mid 80's, boxes,maps, and coins still intact Alot of the old Ultima games can be found by searching through abandonware sites.
  2. Paypal is the way to go when doing online transactions because you can open a dispute with the buyer/seller if you are afraid you have been scammed and they wont be able to access the funds until you say the dispute has been resolved and you close the dispute through paypal. Ive been through it twice now in the last couple months with purchases Ive made for virtual items in UO and both times I have opened disputes the seller has had to get in contact with me so they can get their money,, it really damages their credibility when this happens because I demand I get the items before I close the
  3. The summons dont depend on eval as far as I know unless eval is tied into how much damage they do,,,,,,teleport,,,incognito,,, and other non offensive spells will be basically the spells you can use..... At 0 Eval Int, the damage is actually reduced by 70%.......... Formula: total damage = (base damage * ( 30 + (9 * Evaluating Intelligence/10) ) ) / 100.)
  4. A UO GOD

    Training Resist

    Using that tactic is a punishable offense and you could be subject to ban if you are caught by the wrong person engaging in that tactic. Using spellbinders is not illegal but luring them to and using a boat is illegal as I found out......I learned the hard way
  5. Lag City once again,,,,,really bad lag last couple months although they claimed to have fixed the problem.........*sigh*
  6. I finally broke down and decided to add them one at a time as well, the question I have is now "how do you add the Large Bulk Order Deeds" for example if I have a 4 part deed that has skullcap,doublet,shoes,and kilt after I set the amount,quality,and type it only allows me to choose one of the 4 items i need to make,,,can anyone that uses this program inform me as to how they add Large BODS into it?
  7. Warsong is your program of Nystruls Notebook still working? Ive been trying to use it myself but it doesnt allow me to add multiple BOD's,,they keep getting rejected.
  8. I find it funny instead of offering help you decided to reply with a lame post, or maybe you didnt have anything useful to say????
  9. Yes I locked dex and intel,its a new character I just made
  10. I need to gain strength and tried to do some lumberjacking but only got one strength gain in an hour Anyone know a way to gain strength besides putting jewelry on?
  11. In the situation I described above I was already in stealth before I entered the cave and since there was nobody(that I could see anyway) they could not have known I was there either since I maintained my stealth the whole time I was there, but I might go to fel and try that little trick when i get bored lol
  12. I noticed that about two weeks ago while stealthing back to Lurg in Painted Cave, I stealthed in and nobody else was around and before I knew it I had 4 or 5 Trogs surrounding me, they went everywhere I went,,was kind of funny actually,thankfully for me my stealth didnt fail :laugh::laugh:
  13. I have taken my greater to Bedlam, it didnt help much solo, cant vet quick enough, it's great for one on one or even one on two but anymore than that and it become increasingly difficult to keep myself and the greater alive,,best bet is to go in a group
  14. Dungeons such as Pained Caves,Blighted Grove, Labryinth, all require the Mondains Legacy Expansion,,,Heartwood the Home of the Elves,,,upgrading to Mondains Legacy is worth it if you want to have access to those dungeons or if you aspire to make an elf character.
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