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  1. Does anyone know what's going on with UO Guide? It's been throwing database errors since yesterday. Hope it's a temporary downtime - be a shame to lose it.
  2. Thanks for all the advice; it was most helpful - Google, UO Guide and Stratics have been my best friends for sure during the ramp-up on the new learning curve. Slowly getting back up to speed and hopefully I'll find a good guild on Sonoma that's open to returning players that I can throw in with.
  3. So my wife and I have decided to come back to UO after a long absence. We played from 97 to 2000 and then a couple of times since then. We were able to recover our old accounts and decided it would be best to start some new characters to relearn the controls etc and that seems to be working well. However, UO has become an item based game (which we knew) and we're running into an issue where the beginners guides don't really touch on templates or suit building and the guides that are out there get so far into theory crafting that it's confusing if you are trying to come up to speed. So my
  4. Bummer , I was out of town during this event. I really could have used a fire beetle =( Big props to PAS/KVP for holding the event though.
  5. Yeah, that's what I was hoping too. Just didn't know if he had expanded on what the changes to guard zones in 56 were and I'd missed them someplace.
  6. This sounds like fun! Think I'm going to try and make this one.
  7. I guess I missed something but what guard zone changes is he talking about here?
  8. I've never understood the allure of pulling a stunt like this. It always comes to light eventually and the backlash is never good. What good can come from ostracizing oneself from an already small community by faking your own death. It's disappointing that someone would play on other people's emotions like this by faking such an event.
  9. Part of me wonders if there is no marketing team for UO and that this site was left to the web team (is there one?) to design with the Dev's teams input. Of course they could have the attitude like the head of marketing for another company I used to deal with that said "The web is not an effective marketing tool". I still almost pee my pants laughing everytime I remember that meeting. I could run down the laundry list of items that I see as issues with this site from a marketing stand point, but I don't want to be viewed as slaming on the web designer (I've been on the receiving end of bad w
  10. Something else I was noticing when looking over the site was that while it is a nice site graphically, it doesn't really make the connection to Ultima Online. Ultima Online is a sub head of the title, but for anyone just landing at this site there is no strong elemental that makes the connection as a UO expansion (does it even say the word expansion anywhere?)
  11. I eat most dinners sitting at the computer, but only few of those involve playing UO.
  12. Interesting site. I really wish they would have put a target="_blank" on the screenshots and concept artwork links though so they'd open in a new window. Nothing major, just a pet peeve.
  13. I'm with Galen on this one, we've seen that the GM's are kinda out of the loop so I'd be willing to guess they would still hand out a ban if someone paged. Sure, you could most likely get that ban overturned but EA's response time is extremely lacking (see JC's attempt to get his ban overturned). So until this whole mess settles down some, I'm going to error on the side of caution and refrain from saying any URL in game.
  14. Ok, so if I understand this new information that was just posted by Jeremy about a half hour ago doesn't UOGuide and UOForums now meet the accepted URL standard or am I still missing something? Link to quote (stratics post) **edit for spelling**
  15. I think having the commodity box be a vet reward is a little cruddy (it'd be like having a salvage bag be a vet reward), but it's a start.
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