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  1. Congrats again! That's a great name. And such a big baby too.
  2. Ooh good time to come back! Congrats! Hope everything turned out great Cabers! Pix please
  3. I'm really late... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Se'an!!!
  4. Happy Birthday Adam!!! Hope you feel better soon.
  5. Has it really been that long? She just turned 2 years old last week. Check out my personal forum for pictures
  6. I use the default theme at home. Hubby set it up so every time the browser is closed, it clears the history/cookie/cache, etc. I use the UOForums dark style here at work.
  7. Belated Happy Easter. Celebrated on the plane going home yesterday.
  8. Thanks guys. And the PoF is what got me logging in on our smith again. The price now is just crazy!
  9. Is there a website that lists all current bod rewards? Or is tower of roses still pretty accurate?
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