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  1. what level of necromancy do you need to cast cursed weapon 100% of the time?
  2. does lumberjack still give 30% damage bonus to axe weapons? does it take up the damage increase cap (100% right?)? do slayer weapons and EoO also take up the damage increase cap?
  3. i am trying to go from elf to human and have completed all the tasks (delivering crates, killing efferets and ice fiends in fire and ice dungeon, and escorted the flower girl) but when i go back to the guy he says i have more to do. the task i need to do is ingenuity. what does that mean?
  4. how do you join i keep getting the you are too young comment. my stealing skill is only 40 real the rest is from items. i heard you need 60 stealing skill does it have to be real skill?
  5. what is the point of 120 bushido on an archer?
  6. i was killing miasmas tonight and killed about 50 of them and no paragon chest. do they not drop chests anymore or just horrible luck?
  7. so if i get a lvl 3 or 4 circle and with my dragon i should out damage an archer?
  8. what will have a higher damage output a arcanist tamer w/ a lvl 1 circle WoD. or a bushido/chiv archer?
  9. i usually play solo and when i do guild hunts im the only one with spell weaving, so i cant circle with anyone. when we do peerless hunts i dont get when to use WoD. i thought it was when the creature is at 20% hp but i still do only 20 or so damage. so i just spam it until i start doing more damage which seems to be when i can only see a sliver of life left on its health bar. im so confused. help please
  10. thanks i didnt know you could do that. but i have one more question. what mods do you need more in doom? dci or sword & shield glasses for lower defense? whats a good bow for doom? also can an archer solo dark fathers?
  11. does arms lore affect enhancing items?
  12. what do you need to be able to run through doom possibly solo? sw for natures fury for distraction? what type of suit would be best? and do i need resist?
  13. Lostboy7

    doom char?

    what is the most effective char to solo doom? and what do you do about all the gold when you get over weighted?
  14. is it worth having? stratics show that it only gives a 10% sdi bonus to magery spells
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