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  1. Dark Guardians in Doom.. They Always give low level maps. Miasma, when you get a paragon chest, has a high level map.. and miasma is pretty good gold too.. but more of a 'challenge'.
  2. Factor in latency to 'your active shard of choice' when making your final decision..
  3. Does anyone know if these sold?.. if so, who owns them.. and could they be purchased? I went the pm and icq route already - looks like lexx hasnt been on uoforums for over a month now..
  4. UO Stratics *New* | Runic Re-Forging
  5. But they sure can look good sitting at the banks in their neon colors and pet of the moment in tow. :icon_wink:
  6. I have only seen this happen once.. and I've killed well over 100 of these. and it happened to be when the unbound ev had wandered into the area where the blood elementals spawn.. ironically they have have a bleed attack too.
  7. not quite Char.. i'm looking at an account right now that the elves do in fact appear to be human.. but if you look in the 'new book thingie' in the 2d paperdoll, the elven properties are still there.. but they do in fact look to be human in appearance.. regardless of whats going on the appearance of the few characters affected changed, however you want to describe it.
  8. your mage shouldnt want to take off the tali of the void anyway
  9. loose or bad drive cables will cause you to have some pretty crazy problems.. it will appear to be working fine, but in the data transmission you may get alittle distortion in the data.. possibly just enough to cause a crash every time and a certain point.. been there.. done that..
  10. "you are unable to discover how to use the stone"
  11. and those of us that couldnt find theirs until after spring cleaning was over.. what the heck am i suppos'ta do with a secure full of moonstones?!.. i'm hoping they bring them back =)
  12. "I" think we should all get free transfer tokens to get off this sinking ship!
  13. they're taunting us now.. Chesapeake is in the shard list.. but "The client could not attach to the game server. It must have been taken down, please wait a few minutes and try again" ... and again.. and again..
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