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  1. I'm still lagging very bad on Cats. Ever since Friday its been horrible..
  2. n the old days you had gaping holes in the code that allowed you to open your bankbox from remote locations too.. i dont support the BoS change.. i dont even waste the space in my backpack anymore with them.. Its hard getting back into the oldschool mindset after having it easy for so long.. I agree with you there...
  3. I asked him and he is now not willing to sell. I don't understand why people even bother to advertise. makes me irritated
  4. I love UO. I love how there is no end to the game and there is no leveling of characters. I can change my characters skills at any given time and its all new again. I like the new expansion coming out and i'm excited to hear all the cool stuff. I've played since 2001 and yes I did quit for a short period and then I came back and I'm having a blast. =) So yea, I would give UO a shot anyday!
  5. Buying Tram/Fel Castle!!! Looking for serious sellers only!!! If you are willing to sell please ICQ me ONLY SERIOUS SERIOUS OFFERS. 199-046-806!!!! THANK YOU!
  6. Buying a castle preferably in Felucca on Catskills. If you have on Trammel that you would like to sell, ICQ me!! SERIOUS SELLERS ONLY! I don't want people only icq'ing me for an offer when there not serious about actually selling!!!! 199-046-806
  7. so i take it there getting rid of heartwood. Will there be anything that will be replacing it? I mean what about runic kits and such?
  8. so was that 2 house plots right next to one another? Very cool house!
  9. I would use Buy UO Gold - Buy Ultima Online Gold - Cheap Ultima Online Gold - Cheap UO Gold - Free UO Gold - Search UO That is where I find most of what I'm looking for =)
  10. ah ok.. Cause I wanted to put my dragon heads on the doors of my keeps so i just the mats for that then...
  11. So do I place a goza mat on the Steps? and then try placing the deeds on the door?
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