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  1. I was going to name it that then remember you saying you we're going to possably rename it so i thought id wait. But there we go. Thanks JD.
  2. I thought it might be a little usefull to do a little write up on what all of the buildings in PaxOku are incase some might not know. So here we go. PaxOku Homes and Establishments 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Museum of Virtures 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. PaxLair Tea House 20. Silent Rose Library/Theater 21. Tea House Jr. 22. PaxOku North West Fort 23. I will update the names of the establishments and homes if they are to change. Please post any comments you may have on the subject. (UPDATE: Some of the homes and establishments are no longer located in
  3. Great coverage of the event! It looked like it was a blast and they look like they we're pretty happy. I was also told by Niva that the after party was a blast. Congrats Jazz and Lord Drakemore!
  4. This Sunday the PaxOku city hall will host the PaxOku Community Wide Meeting. This meeting will discuss all of PaxOku's weekly events, RP events, guilds, city council, shard events, and more. Even though the meeting is hosted by PaxOku doesnt mean its restricted to PaxOku citizens only. Everyone is welcome to attend and present news. The meeting will start at 7:30pm est, 4:30pm pst. It will be held in PaxOku (Homare-Jima. Run north east up the road) The meeting location will be at the PaxOku City Hall. We hope to see you all there!@ *The date and information for the PaxOku Award Ceremony wil
  5. Great interview, Merik. I love how you guys just set chairs up in luna and did it. Props. and i agree with Tancred. That guy is funny with some of his responces. Its good to hear how everythings going with the EMs. Keep up the good work.
  6. Looking over the countless articles in the paxoku forums i saw alot of tales of people in the land, current and historical events, venue announcements, and much more.. The person writing most of this up is a good friend of mine. My best friend in uo to be exact. Like i said he writes about alot of different things but barely writes of himself. Lord Gareth. He is the reason i still play uo. When i started on chessy about.. two or so years ago i was looking for something to keep me interested in uo. I didnt want to give up on the game. Weeks prior to coming to chessy Winfield had given the group
  7. Hah. I think it might be Gareth who goes missing this time if he doesnt watch it. *smirk*
  8. I agree on the party at the blt, niva. gareths suplying the booze! we do need a big big hunt too. I like the idea of a contest too. any kind of contest is fun.. maybe a book writing contest? always fun to see what storys people come up with. I enjoy friendly pvp events. Maybe we can mix up some sort of city pvp event. maybe even capture paxoku. this time we'll have more than 3 per team haha. it'll last longer. After seeing what Gareth did with the new Kijustsu Anei graveyard we deffinetly need a night of wake the dead. we'll see what ghosts lurk in the shadows on such a special occasian. Keep
  9. I would like everyone to know that while Lady Katherine is away due to personal issues she is unable to participate in the PaxOku city council untill she returns to game. With this said for the time i am making Lord Gareth acting city council chairmen. We wish that all is well with Lady Katherine and her family and we cannot wait to have her back. Mayor Bam Bam
  10. Have fun on the trip, Gak Please do keep us updated!
  11. I'm not sure how long I've been around chessy anymore.. i lost count a while back.. 2 years?.. *shrugs* but listening to your description of the past makes me feel like i was there for a good bit of it. thank you much for writing this up. hopefully paxoku will have many more fun memorys to add to this section. *cough* that zombie food was Ado's... i.. didn't want to question it.
  12. Yeah It was supposed to be tonight but theres an unexpected private meeting and gareth wouldnt be able to go so i thought it would be best to move to monday. Hope to see ya there!
  13. This Monday I will host the PaxOku Community Wide Meeting at the PaxOku City Hall. All citizens and anyone who would like to come are welcome. Discussions on events and going ons, even the city council and anything you might want to add. It will start at 7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST. Hope to see you there! Mayor Bam Bam (moved to Monday evening.. also its at the paxoku city hall. i keep forgetting we have it! not the blt. but right across the street so oh well)
  14. If you are a citizen or Resident of PaxOku City it would very much appreciated if you would post your name, title, and guild so we can see whos active and such! ICQ numbers would be great so we can be able to contact you if we need. Example: Bam Bam, Mayor of PaxOku. PaxO: PaxOku Citizens. It would be much appreciated for those who see this thread to pass the word on to other PaxOku Citizens and Residents to post here and sign up on the forums if they havent already! Thank you!
  15. That was an honorable thing to do by putting the truth straight, Gareth. It cant be easy having all of that preasure on and im sorry you had to deal with it. Hopefully the past greifs will lay to rest. Love ya Gareth <3
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