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  1. EA Games doesn't want this game anymore, and hasn't for quite some time, now. Why not hand it over to someone who cares? Someone who will restore it to at least a tolerable state? Like.. the original creator?
  2. It's 99 Necromancy, but can't you use scrolls of vampire embrace?
  3. Hm... I see. So it doesn't matter how tough you try to make your character, success is rare in all things UO. Blacksmithy? Bust your ass on BODs and one day... one day you *might* get an agapite runic hammer, personally the best I've done is copper. Burn 1000s of ingots trying to get all the recipes and you'll probably never see a recipe for an artifact, and even if you do, you'll need ingredients from these impossibly hard peerless. Everything costs millions of gold and what's the point? It doesn't matter if you have all 120s, you'll still not be good enough. And if I'm supposed to sit around
  4. Golem... well, I can make those. Time to gather the parts and get a friend involved. I hope.
  5. That's been there for years. Back when I last quit was Age of Shadows, and it did it then, too. UO developers are incredibly lazy and neglegent., it seems.
  6. Interesting... is there no other way to get points aside from turning in things you don't want, maybe a way for a loser like me?
  7. I wanted to do that Bedlam quest, not that I even know what I'm doing. I gathered up the unicorn rib, pixie legs and ki-rin brain, turned 'em in, but I could not even survive down in Bedlam long enough to reach that Gnosis fellow. So I am stuck with some blessed piece of paper and can't even finish the quest. This game's too freakin' hard, I think I'm about 5 inches away from deleting all my characters and throwing the game in the trash.
  8. Yep.. uh, anyone know how I can get from 96 bushido to 100? Trogs aren't working anymore? Help?
  9. I don't even know what the turn-ins are, what is this all aboot?
  10. Yeah but it always loses at least 1 durability, so eventually it's going to need a powder of fortifying, which fortunately I have a dozen from blacksmith bods.
  11. Don't forget that I'm still all 100s. Most powerscrolls I need are around 2-4 million a piece, and I have yet to earn my first million gold. So I am doubly screwed here.
  12. Yeah I was glad when my smith got that recipe, couldn't find these for sale anywhere. So much faster to collect leather now. Should have made it to work on meat and scales too, but I guess ya can't have everything.
  13. Actually I have been in that cave but I didn't think it was for anything. I should have known better. I'll try this out, thank you. I did stumble upon some bone yard in Spirituality today and got beat down by a paragon bone knight, and when I finally killed it and started walking back, there were craploads of fairies and shadow wisps *everywhere*. Either I took a wrong turn or... well I have no idea what happened, but I got a ton of bones and valor today. Now I will just have to try and find that again later as well. Thanks so much!
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