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  1. The only thing worse then Zombie Nazis, Space Nazis.
  2. Know what the best light source is? The sun. Let's start only being active during daylight hours and stop making any form of lightbulbs! Who's with me?!
  3. I haven't done much travelling in my time, actually hardly been over the U.S. But in my neck of the woods, there's not much, some good white water rafting sites, a few state parks like Spruce Knob, Dorsey's Knob, Cooper's Rock, ect. For a bit of site seeing and boulder crawling, always loved to climb through Cooper's Rock. Also you can go see the New River Gorge Brige, it used to be the largest single arch bridge in the world, think it's the third largest now. It's pretty cool view atleast, even just driving over, you can stop on the side and have a few photos. But, if you catch it on Bridg
  4. Ugh, I couldn't even finish watching that. I've had crwfish before, they're good, when they're cooked and spiced...but come on the whole thing, shell and all..raw... gross
  5. Buddy Holly glasses and Templar armour, seems to work so well!
  6. There's a famous town in that a fire started in an underground coal mine, that basically burnt down the entire town from the underground up. It's pretty freaky >.<
  7. Nothing is true; everything is permitted.
  8. Or maybe Esca's a werebear. He wears the bear hat to control his lycanthropy. Once he takes it off he turns into a magical super-bear with the ability to fly... So, do Escabears $h!t in the woods? Only when flying over at high speeds and Van is in the possible drop point of perviosly mention $h!t.
  9. But the picture is pretty epic. If he was an acual flying super-bear he might have had a chance.
  10. Hrmmm! Maybe I should add "do an emo British kid" to mine... Nahh. :kiss:
  11. May I simply say: that is !!!!ed up, Nathan. P.S. But it did make me giggle. >.<
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