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  1. Hello, I just moved to Pacific and I'm looking for people to team up with. My ICQ is 115808662 please add me if you want to play!
  2. Yeah I saw that I needed to pay for each token. Well I guess I will end up doing that as I already have some scrolls and items on that character.
  3. Nice idea will probably take me aaages till i get anywhere near enough!
  4. Thanks for all the messages. I will probably reactivate an account. I see you can move characters between shards now. Maybe I will do that. How would I get in touch with people is ICQ still the preferred method of communication outside of the game?
  5. Hello, I played UO from 1999-2004(ish) on the Europa shard. Most of my time there was spent PvPing in factions or O/C. I tried the game again last year for a brief period but I couldnt find anyone to team up with. Plus I have moved out of Europe so my connection to my old shard is unplayable. I'd like to try UO again and I've read a lot about the recent expansions like SE and ML. I'm wondering if there are any guilds or people here who could help me get back into the game. I'm most interested in playing on pacific as I have a fairly good connection to that shard. I haven't reactivate
  6. http://www.uoguide.com is good or ask in the forum that is specific for template builds.
  7. Link_2k5

    Poison Mage

    Is the poison mage with fencing still one of the best PvP templates? Before I quit my guildmate ran this char on Europa and it rocked. Is that lethal poison still very difficult to cure?
  8. No way. Or just delete Fel completely? It needs something to keep it alive its fun and exciting if you get into it. I played exclusively Fel until I quit in 2004. Now I'm glad there is a trammel so I can build chars and work out all the new stuff. Plus there is so much to hunt and find in the non pvp facets that you don't have to travel to fel to get scrolls. You can make all the gold you want in tram and then buy the scrolls. The best things in the game can be found in non pvp areas.
  9. Does equiping a mage weapon with -magery skill help you to gain magery more easily? I have tried it but i didn't gain anything while I had it equipped. Has this been changed recently?
  10. Does the method DiP suggested still work, as this post is dated December last year? Thanks
  11. I play on Yamato. I live in Korea, the Korean shards are mostly dead so I had to play on the Japanese servers. My ping to the NA shards is too high. Last night I asked a guy if he had any SW scrolls. He gated me to Malas to ask a friend of his hen the guy just recalled out an gave me all the scrolls for free. All that time I was messing about earlier today and I just went and got given them by the first guy I asked. Typical!
  12. I dont have a suit with luck nor am I able to add it in as I'm running a pure mage and I don't currently have the resources to do it. I can't find the scrolls for sale on any vendors on my shard either!
  13. Hey Guys. I have been killing Miasma and other ML monsters for hours but I haven't got a single scroll. I tried Troglodytes and Miasma but received nothing! Any ideas or is it quite hard to find the scrolls?
  14. Great! That way I can always go back to wrestle if I want to! Thanks for the info. Oh and whats your suit's stats?
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