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  1. I already answered this in an identical post of yours, but if you see a member of the UO Forums guild UO:F, they should be able to help you. As a last resort, you can start a new character with 49 Necro points; when you begin in New Haven, accept the noob quest from the Necro Quest Trainer, cast Pain Spike a couple of times, and Voilá! You finish the quest and receive a full Necro spellbook as a reward!
  2. Look for players with the UO:F guild tag, they should be able to help you.
  3. The Juka vs. Meer scenario in which the Plague Beast Mutation Core was needed is over; however, you can still operate on the Plague Beast Lords for their Mutation Cores, if you have a need for a glacial-colored brain, for deco or whatever. =)
  4. Last time I checked, which was at the end of last year, yes. The main thing about doing surgery on a Plague Beast Lord is that you have to move fast, or the thing dies and dissolves. If you simply want to kill them quickly, slicing them open and cutting random things out is the quickest way to do it. =)
  5. Just for my own personal preference, I reduced my sigs in size, I like them smaller than the forum max. Since I normally only post a line or two when making a response, it doesn't seem right to have a huge sig and a few tiny words. =)
  6. You don't have to own a house to use a soulstone. They can be used in any place where you can insta-logout, such as a tavern or inn. Houses are so easy to acquire nowadays, though, that there is really no reason not to own one. You can start with a small house and work your way up, or simply save up and buy a larger one outright.
  7. Grog's Memorial Service was well attended: Queen Mum presided: Members of Grog's real-life family attended: his wife Ruby and his son Hans: Everyone was well behaved, although the memorial book kept disappearing. Another book was locked down at the Grog Museum, which the family said will be maintained. I miss my friend Grog. Rest In Peace, Grog.
  8. At 5:00 PM, Eastern US time, Skara Brae Community Center, Catskills Trammel. Grog's son Hans will log in one of the Grog players, and Grog's wife Ruby will be watching.
  9. As an alternative to Golem bashing, you can simply maximize your gains by fighting appropriate level monsters, and using the fastest swords weapon you can find (more swings, more opportunities for gains). At 73 skill I was farming Ettins in the small valley near the Ilshenar Honesty gate. As you get a little higher you might switch to Troglodytes in the Painted Caves.
  10. Try the Ettins just North of the Ilshenar Honesty Shrine, here's why: 1. Just enough to keep you occupied 2. Physical attacks only 3. Pretty good loot for moderate-level monsters 4. Occasionally a Paragon will spawn, giving you a chance for a chest or even a minor artifact. 5. You can even fight the occasional Cyclopean by venturing inside the cave nearby. Leave the Titans alone though, they are nasty spellcasters. For armor, you can get a tailor to make you a set of Spined Leather armor, which at Exceptional Quality will take you to 70 Physical resist, which is all you nee
  11. Siege Perilous and Mugen are modified Felucca ruleset shards, designed for veteran players. They have some strict rules: 1. Only one character per shard 2. Non-consensual PvP is permitted in all areas. 3. NPC's will not train you in any skill. 4. Prices to purchase from NPC's are much higher than production shards, and NPC's will not buy gems, items, armor or weapons from players. 5. Skill gain is different than production shards: much harder. 6. There are few blessed items on Siege or Mugen. You can individually bless one item. Plain spellbooks of all types are blessed, but spellbo
  12. Giant Beetles and Fire Beetles have to be beaten into submission before taming. With other monsters, specificallly firebreathers, the fire breath is tied to HP, so the lower the HP, the less damage done by the fire breath. This is why tamers beat down dragons, Nightmares, Fire Steeds and Reptalons before taming. With Hiryus, which can move extremely fast, beating down slows the Hiryu down so that lead-taming is possible.
  13. To Hans Adolph: I have started a thread about the death of your father at the UO Stratics forum, which is a bit larger forum where your father regularly posted. You can follow the link to that forum. Robert Evans/Rhus Radicans
  14. Dear gods. Thank you for communicating this to us. I played UO with your father more than once, he helped my main character acquire a Swamp Dragon recently. He was a very kind individual, and very helpful and generous to new players in game. He had "Grog" guilds on shards all over the world, but spent time mostly on Catskills in recent days. My deepest condolences to you and your family. I hope your father passed away quietly and without pain, and if there is an afterlife, I hope that he is in a happy place. Kindest Regards, Robert Evans "Rhus Radicans" in UO.
  15. The blackrock scenario hasn't fully played out yet, since the contraption is still being built in Moonglow the last time I checked. Best hold on to it until then, would be my advice.
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