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  1. RBG & CAT are the tags I see the most spawns & peerless. If you haunt any of those places, I am sure you will run into some members. Welcome back!
  2. I've known CaT since our days in Yew over 10 years ago. She always leaves dramatically & she always comes back. UO = The pixel Hotel California
  3. You can paint yourself with tribal paints!
  4. I don't know how it could be integrated in as a "real" skill though. The only thing I can think of is if you would need it to advance in certain npc quests. How cool to have a situation where a detective has to look over evidence for you to progress in a quest... you give the item to a GM detective, by viewing it the detective GM marks it, you can progress. They should just replace it with something else. Like they did with enticement and others. Could replace with 'investigate', the ability find hidden doors and passages. hmmmmm
  5. hehe - what a maroon. Napoleon, give me some of your tots!!!!!
  6. I remember being so pissed off the first time someone carved up my corpse. I have no idea why! GM Detective has got to be the coolest title.
  7. I always get a rash of the same thing... like yesterday I got three plum dyes on a round.
  8. I remember logging into Chessie once, many moons ago, and ALL of the houses were gone! haha. There was mass hysteria for about 5 minutes before the shard went down for a revert.
  9. Nice job! You scared him off with your creepy post! =) This made me laugh - good stuff!
  10. Oh gosh, welcome back!!! That is quite a long break! I think 75% of the current population are oldtimers, so you will fit right in.
  11. Notorious antagonists. They use to hit The Oasis ALL the time - a tavern in Compassion desert and a popular hangout for roleplayers. This lead to the famous attack of the carebears. Where nearly all the roleplayers from Chessie and a lot of roleplayers from other shards stormed KoC headquarters in newbie gear & attempted to ankle bite them to death. It didn't really work but it was fun - for both sides, I think! Cheers, KoC! Thanks for the memories!
  12. Oakhurst is just east of Vesper on Chessie - a relatively safe 30 second walk, wander over if you're bored. It is at 91.20N - 133.31E. Here is the 1st & 2nd floor. I can't post pictures of the super secret third floor.
  13. After a year of insisting I loved my tower & I would never customize it; my friend Rashad finally broke me down. I did a rough stick-figuresque draft of what I wanted & he made it look like something. Thought I would share the result as I really like it!!! I especially like the bat in my belfry.
  14. geez. That suxxors!
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