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  1. Ok, nope...no clue how to make a repair deed.
  2. So my 60ish blacksmith can make a repair deed? How guess I'll have to figure out how to do this.
  3. It's all breaking and I can't fix it. Is there somewhere I can go to pay to have it fixed? I'm working on my Blacksmithing on a differnt toon, but crafting has never been a favorite of mine. I like to be out killing stuff. Anyone know what I can do?
  4. I just started playing again. I seem to be well under the power curve. I have decent combat abilities. 98 tact, 96 sword, 68 heal, 73 parry, 63 mage, 49 resists. But I seem to be stuck in that I can't seem to figure out how everone seems to easily be able to handle things I can't come close to. Is it just that I don't have any of the expansion packs and thus am missing out on alot of the better abilities? Or do I just royally suck. Either way, I would like to find some people that I could regularly group with to do some of the content that keeps kicking my ass. If anyone needs an ex
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