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  1. I am sorry to say. I am not sure what could be causing the error you are getting. Do you only have 1 system? If not, have you tried it on another system? Do you get the same error? Let me know.
  2. Looks like HB is having an issue with your .Net that is installed. Which version of .Net are you running? HB will work with .Net 3.5 Here is a link to .Net 3.5 SP1 .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Let me know.
  3. EMU = Emulator shard aka personnal server. Can you post the error you are getting. Just curious, are you running the program fro the same folder it is in, or did you create a shortcut? I have had many people copy and paste the EXE, instead of paste a shortcut. Let me know.
  4. dyrk Are you running the 2D version of UO? Is it fully updated? Do you have .Net 2.0 or higher installed? Also for some people who ask. I am not doing any support for this program for EMU shards.
  5. XP crashes are gone for the most part. Vista and Win7 still crash if you resize the toolbox to the right. So I redid the toolbox starting size to 500 wide by 800 long.
  6. After many months of working on it. UOHB is now working with the new Stygian Abyss tiles. This is a whole new version, so if you have UOHB on your system, delete it and DL the newer version. I have 2 versions listed. 1. Only OSI tile set. (As many people have asked for a OSI only version.) 2. The whole enchilada, every tile there is. (Except some large tree tiles) I suggest putting each in their own folder. House Builder A quick note for some people. UOHB still not working with Vista & Windows 7 It will load, but crashes. (This is my next project) Enjoy and let me know what y
  7. Yes. It ended yesterday. But I have your design. I will be going thru them this weekend, and post the winner. Once the winner has been chosen. They will be contacted. And arrangements will be made so that they can pickup the 25mill on Napa Valley from Lord Nabin.
  8. Place it near the bar, and use the deco tool to raise it up.
  9. HB sometimes crashes in Vista, mostly when you try and resize the ToolBox. I will test this out on tuesday when I get back to work.
  10. Which OS are you running? Do you have UO updated? Do you have your OS updated? As HB needs .NET installed for this to work. HB has issue's with Vista. Let me know.
  11. Yes, post a link to your HB file. I will DL them and add them to HB. Contest is going till April 3rd.. So start those designs..
  12. Since EA\OSI might never allow the customization of Castles and Keep. I want to see how you would redo the base designes they have. Using House Builder and keeping with the base size. Design some new static house's for the Castle and Keep design. Maybe with this EA\OSI might add them in as a choise for those who have these static house's I even challenge the DEV's to get in on this.. eww I know some of the DEV's love a challenge "cough Draconi cough" ((((Contest will go till April 3rd.)))) Lord Nabin of Napa has put up a 25mill prize for the winner. To be picked up on Napa Valley Shard.
  13. Sounds about right. I just sold a tram Keep on Ice Isle Napa for 35mill empty..
  14. I have sent you many PM's on other boards. HB does not work with free shards.. It works on UO servers. From a full install and being fully updated.
  15. They are legal, sell them to an NPC tailor and buy back. Only a GM can fix it.
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