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  1. Okay now that is weird.. do you have any homes on the account thats on other shards?
  2. More then likely you didnt have a house already. The reason he cant place right now is cause of his first house still being up.. If he was to move all his items into packies or store it in a friends house then demo the decaying house then he'd be able to place in the spot that he was going to place at.. the housing timer only really effect trades. As long as you have no houses on the account you can place houses all day long as you drop any houses you currently own before doing so.
  3. So is the UO version after this patch for classic client[2d users] still til SA launchs or should our UO version now read Reason I ask is it took forever for the installer to apply the new patch and my current version of uo still reads so wondering if the patch didnt take or something.
  4. What was the patch number for this patch anyways just trying to figure out if my current version of UO was actually updated after the patch cause to me looks like my UO verison is the same as it was before the patch but I didnt get any errors while patching.
  5. Look forward to the next story arc with the gargoyles my question is this will these gargoyles also consist of bladeweavers and Mystics? Maybe a sneak peak of the new skills by them being used against us? hehe.. Also how much of an advantage will a bladeweaver with swords skill have over one without seeing as if you take up swords it pretty much will get rid of the HCI pentality.
  6. I thought it was gm hiding and 80 stealth that was okay for PvM. I run a tamer with gm hiding and 80 stealth and most the time I do get revealed but lately having a heck of a time getting through the long hallway to that leads to the Grand Master mage for the red key. Now my question is this will rasising my stealth to 100 or even 120 help with reveal problems?
  7. I see the UO Auto Map site is back up and running? Is it still owned by the same guy? Also has anyone downloaded from that site recently? If so any problems with the site?
  8. Welp seems that the housing server is down or the placement tool is broke or something.. Ive tried several times tonight on Atlantic to get the tool to open but no luck.. not getting nothing to come up. Anyone else having problems with this as well?
  9. Are you in Administrator mode when loading UO? if not that also may be the problem. Sometimes I cant get programs to download or load correctly cause of this so I have to right click on the icon and and select run as Administrator and that works. Ive had to do this a few times with UO assist.
  10. Im just wondering how is this loot sorted out? Does having luck improve what you get? Is it sorted out by how much damage you get? or is it just random?
  11. With most of keys to peerless you click on them to be teleported to the..been reading up on this one so I can try to attempt to key it and ind that the keys are acutally something you rub on yourself to cross the posion lake. Now my question is this does this mean that everyone that wants to fight paroxy will have get keys since the key is needed to get across the lake to the Ciefs island or will entering the Chiefs gate give my party a gump asking if they wish to enter as well?
  12. Having abit of a time trying to decide how to fight hiding and stealth on my tamer when it comes to keying some peerless bosses and was wondering will 80 stealth work when keying say getting to teh Grand Mage for the red key in travesty, in helping to key Dreadhorn and also in keying Bedlam and also maybe in doing ish champ spawns..hehe.. the templete Im working on when I add these two skills would be 95 magery 100 med 100 hiding 80 stealth 115 taming 115 lore 115 vet.. may drop med down some once I get a good LRC and mana regen suit and add on to stealth if need be.
  13. Never really worked this skill before and wondering how do you train it? Like what do I wrestle with to get gains at certain levels?
  14. I was wondering what quest in Heartwood should one be doing to get the recipe for the Pendant of the Magi.
  15. I agree with you there..no way can I or will I try to solo this room just hoping there is a very good tactic out there to do this room with a small group of people. Went there yesterday with a group of three people both times and sadly to say the Hyrda made easy work of us..
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