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  1. Two stone form warriors, xheal FTW. If u have extra back up, have it disco'd and/or have a mystic tossing colossus' on it.
  2. so ive been back to Ultima for almost a year, ive enjoyed the game although the population isnt what it used to be, i recently decided i wanted another account, i just purchased the new account code with stygian abyss and the 30 day free gametime tonight, considering the instructions do not match the things on the mythic site, setting up the new account became a pain, so i started a trial account thinking the new account code would lift the trial period, this however, was not the case, so now, am i stuck with a useless trial account for two weeks??? i have suits and an adv char token ready fo
  3. i can make all of this, what are you looking to pay?
  4. i dunno if you do any xferring, but i have a slither on catskills.
  5. I may have several what are you paying?
  6. Selling slither, post offers. also buying bulk horned and barbed kits.
  7. Catskills has been relatively active lately Ali, your timing was great
  8. i think im gonna run 120 throwing 100 swords 120 tactics 120 anatomy 100 healing 55 ss (+15 on jewls to 70) 55 chiv (+15 on jewls to 70) 40 necro on a 710 skill cap account, raising swords as account ages. and could also swap bushido or resist for specific bosses
  9. I know this is old as dirt.. but i wanna run this set up.. probably use the light of the way, or the mace and shields, with the beserker breast possibly as well, but i dont like having my pvm characters in faction, so my question is, HCI, 30 on jewls, 5 from race.. ughh i dont wanna buy a conjurers trinket, but theres no other way lol.
  10. So i got this old archer, and i know how obsolete archers are, i took archery off of him and this is how he sits naked right now 120 anatomy 120 tactics 100 healing 96 bushido.. im not sure if i wanna go with the pvp thrower temp, or the wraith form tank temp, so shoot me some ideas please
  11. Killing blues at idocs, crafting, doing champs with my sampire, doing peerless bosses with my mystic, and every now and again on my dead shard a group gathers up to hunt.
  12. i dont see how i could use this to train ninjitsu at all..and with other monsters in there and with me wearing a training suit especially??
  13. In my point of view, if your sampire needs magery, hiding, or healing... your not really taking advantage of the fact that your in VAMP FORM... when things get sticky.. i walk into a bigger mob and hit the whirlwind macro.. its that easy.. lol..i use chiv to keep the number of weps that i need at a minimum ( just slayers not 100% weps) im just lazy like that, as for the first post.. if anything.. raise swords, bush, tactics, parry, to 120, drop magery, and IF ANYTHING add 120 resisting spells to be nearly invincible.. just my thought.. i run chiv.. 120 macing 120 tactics 120 parry 120 bushid
  14. That is the way the parry/bushido set up works with every wep skill except archery, but i havent recently returned and dont know much about throwing, but i also would like to know the answer to this.
  15. when he goes grey the all guard me command doesnt turn him bakc green, that only works when it goes blue :S should i just issue the guard command every few mins or so?
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