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  1. D'oh! Okay, I CHECKED everything and now I have the light style. YEA!! Thank you for the help!!
  2. If I uncheck everything, then I lose the "okay" option. I have not tried clearing out my temp internet files like someone suggested bc I forget how to do it! I must go now, I will check back later and see if there are any more ideas.
  3. okay Adam, I did what you said but no change. I tried logging out, closing out firefox and logging back in- I still have the dark style. Here is what is even weirder. It is only happening on this computer. If I come to to the forums on my hubby's computer- I have the light style.
  4. okay, this is where i become a computer noob! How exactly do I clear mt cache? I know I have done it before, I can't remember how to do it! Sean- Hi Sean! Are you enjoying the grandchild? I will tell E you said hello. I will give Ally a hug, too!
  5. Hello! I want to use the Light style, but I can't seem to change it. I have tried to choose LIGHT STYLE from the box at the bottom left corner of the screen. I have also gone into "USER CP" and "EDIT OPTIONS" and changed it there as well. In fact, if I go to the options page it shows my forum style as being LIGHT. However, it is still the Dark style which I do not like at all! Anyone know how to help me?
  6. I am considering chosing some curtains with my heritage tokens, but I am wondering exactly how they work. I have seen pics of the curtains in many ways- open, closed, dyed one color, dyed two colors, facing both directions. Do I choose one set of curtains and then decide what to do with it?
  7. This was the Iantown Massage Parlor on Siege. I torn it down so I could upgraded to a keep, but I still miss this house. This is a house I designed for a friend. I never finished decorating it. This is one of my favorite houses that I have designed.
  8. You checked my vendor already? They are gone? Damn!! I have a couple more. I hang onto one for you.
  9. How much is cybernickle selling CBDs for? I am trying to stay consistent with other sellers. I don't know if I have any light green reward cloth. I will check.
  10. I just put some CBDs for 500k on my vendor. It's located NW of Luna just a few screens. I am also a tailor. What do you need?
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