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  1. My belief is they made her in a hurry so they just took the loot table from a normal peerless and threw it on her. I believe that special items (mark of travesty, dread horn's kryss, grizzled mare, etc) are added to the peerless loot table after the table itself is established. She should be able to drop anything a peerless drops outside of the specials. How nice of the developers to give us an easy peerless with being able to time 15 minutes as the key. Maybe this is tied into the whole virtue system because it seems to use patience as the only key.
  2. If they have a purpouse they MIGHT be worth something. If they don't, considering everyone and their alts can get one, they are not ever going to be worth anything.
  3. First off...THIS IS NOT A RANT. Its simply facts being presented in a comical way. While I enjoyed getting 125k free points for my account I kind of feel its a little insane. I mean, they made Sea Horses and Anchors worth 25k points (not that anyone in their right minds would turn them in for that), and now they are just throwing 25k free points at anyone that can find a dungeon and throw a pot. As this journal shows you don't even have to be good at either of those... Without further ado I present "Diary of a Newb". This one lays out the back story of what I'm attempting to accomplish. Oops
  4. For pvp thats not a horrible idea. For pvm, I don't think balanced is as important, and I shy away from the short bow (eats arrows for the damage it does), so I'm more inclined to make crossbows or regular bows (best specials for archery on xbows and bows).
  5. I love chicks in the game though. Some of the females I have played with in UO and WoW have been simply freaking awesome.
  6. I've gotten to 60 with 5 days play time back before they made the changes to make it easier to level. I'm currently raking in anywhere from 4-5 levels in about 10 hours played. Its not hard to level in the game, and it certainly doesn't take forever. If you know what quests to run in what order then you don't need to bother cheating. That explains why you think it takes awhile to level.
  7. You can do the vast majority of the leveling instances with 3 players, if you are good enough at doing them, for uber experience (beats quest experience even). Its not that hard to get 2 really good friends to play with.
  8. Getting screwed how? A change to the price of mounts? CoV has never nerfed the hell out of prices in changes? Lets not mention lairs shall we? To easy? Lets not mention that I soloed each and everyone of my quests in CoV on hard with my (whatever the dude that summons pets is) up to level 20 when I left the game. I LOVE the company that makes CoV (the most awsome support service I have ever dealt with), but I don't like the game. The funny thing is how everyone claims WoW is SO easy, but only about 10% of the population has actually seen end game content. If its that incredilby easy how c
  9. If you never level an alt then it doesn't affect you. If you do level an alt then it doesn't bother you. You are talking about 55g. I can make 55g from 5 stacks of herbs on the AH. Thats a joke ammount of gold. If you are worried about 55g then you must have nothing else to worry about. Does it bother you that some classes get thier mounts for free? When I first started the game, it was a pain to come up with 90g by level 40. Now it is totally simple. I wonder if my friends will have issues coming up with 90g when they are 40 because they are new to the game. I guess it doesn't actually matt
  10. I love BGs but hate arenas. Why would I bother with arenas with the way they are set up now. In the time it takes me to get a full set of arena gear with the way I detest arenas, that gear will be placed on the honor vendors about a month after I actually get the set. It would be nice if they just moved all of the arena gear to the honor vendors and just used arenas as a way to get bragging rights and the special mount.
  11. I think to be involved in the genre at all as a female you have to have a thick skin and a great sense of humor. I really feel for some of the females that I have raided with in the past; because, the guilds are just relentless to them, but its not meant to be mean it just happens. MMORPGs seem to thrive with sexual harrassment.
  12. That is a huge over exageration. Some people are like this, and that is why there is an ignore function, but the majority of players ARE not like this. The majority of the Horde still isn't like this. If you are playing Alliance then its probably more common, but its still not "the majority".
  13. Do they really need to waste the money and time with this case? I mean, seriously, the kid is 17. In some states he can be legally married. It can easily be argued she came to visit him instead of trying to abduct him. They should have just sent her home, and saved everyone involved a ton of money. As for how everything worked out...the parent's really should have seen it coming. My aunt had to sign for my cousin to marry her husband at 17 when he was in his late 20s. If she wouldn't have done so, chances are, my cousin would have left home at 18 and had the same feelings that this kid does
  14. Its called archery. Adding guns would break the UO fantasy. You already have archery, so you don't need another ranged skill.
  15. They fixed it years ago. They added insurance so that people wouldn't have to deal with people like you. Unfortunately, people like you failed to figure that out, and have been whining about it for 7 years. If they haven't made it possible to steal from players on production shards again in 7 years then they probably never will. Besides, you play Siege where there is no insurance, so how is the thief skill broken for you? Can you still steal from players even on production shards? Yes. Is there always something worth stealing? For thiefs that are willing to take some risk powerscrolls o
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