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  1. The trainer knows nothing. First: Do max out swords, tactics, anatomy. Swords for the hit chance, tactics and anatomy for the damage values. Second: Chivalry is better as you get more of it. The question is if you combine bushido with chivalry or not. If not, chivalry is best as high as you can get it. If you do have bushido, chivalry in the mid 80's (i.e. 85) is your best bet (There is a lot of math behind this choice, which I won't get in to right now since I'm lazy and don't want to figure it out again) Third: without healing, life can get difficult. Fortunately, healing works well with
  2. I always thought EM events could use a lot of work. One thing EMs don't tend to do is think about their target audience when developing events. There are a few monster "templates" which make events very interesting, which have always been underused as well. i.e. Abyssal Infernal constantly summons help. This can be used to create great chaos. While the good teams can take it on easily, the players who fight as individuals tend to make it worse. Lots of mid range creatures, such as Miasma, could also make things very interesting. Imagine whole teams of people needing to deal with bleed
  3. I've had so much good pizza over the years, it would be hard to pick one. Pizza from Italy go under the best and worst. The best was a couple years ago, and the worst was in the 80's (So bad, I remember it today. But I believe it was bad for a reason... we interrupted siesta time with our unreasonable requests to be fed pizza in Italy) Pizza from Mom and Pop places also go under the best and worst. Take Boulder, CO for instance. When I lived there, there was a "best" place with the most unbelievably good pesto pizza, and a "worst" place with grease covered cardboard pizza within a block of
  4. To Shanarra (and Elwind pic) UO Stratics *New* | Shannara & The Pair-a-Dice Casino on Napa Valley To Virtue (I'm in (and made) the pic of the building which doesn't exist any more) UO Stratics *New* | Village Of Virtue on Napa Valley
  5. Those were some good memories. We had great fun antagonizing each other (Virtue and Shanarra) when we weren't partying together. As far as what's there... No idea, I haven't been there for 2 years. I know the "arena" moved around a bit, changing from a tower to a custom house. The tavern was made decay-proof (much like the University of Virtue and the two small houses which I lived in (Tailor shop and Carne's house)), so was still standing when I last left UO. As for the familiar faces, they've all moved to greener pastures. I (unfortunately) lost touch with Justice, Leelu, Elwind (Hi Elwi
  6. I have a funny story which has nothing to do with the original post (but a lot to do with some of the following posts). When I played, I had a death wish. You see, once one understands the mechanics of UO and specifically the AI of some creatures, the game becomes absurdly easy (for light reading: Sampire threads). So our guild on Catskills (you know, the ones which the OP disrespects) set a challenge to ourselves. We decided that the Slasher of Veils could be beaten with nothing but non magical, crafted armor and simple demon slayer weapons (the weapons were for speed, once we proved the fi
  7. My mother in law makes an outstanding salmon, cooked on a cedar plank. I couldn't even begin to make something that good. Personally, I have a talent for barbecue steaks. Give me any cut, and I'll make something good out of it. This is odd, since I have the opposite effect on the grill with steaks. Give me the best steak in the world, and I'll ruin it on a grill. I can't for my life figure out what I do differently in each action. One thing we have in Holland which I never had in the states which is very good is BBQ bacon. (speklapjes) These are bacon steaks about a quarter inch thick (may
  8. PGoH was a fun guild. I loved kil... er... playing with them when I actually played! (only played Catskills from 2007-2012, so you wouldn't know me) We (the United Pirates) also fought with PGoH on occasion, whenever it suited our purpose. Though most of the really old members (Borg, Ser Brightblade, etc...) had long since departed by the time I started there. As far as I know their "village" still stands in Trammel (Walk out the west gate of Trinsic and head toward the swamp by the coast, you'll know Olympus by the statue in front of Borg's castle), though I haven't heard from them in abo
  9. My problem was different. My wife's MSN account merged into my skype (work) account. And I must have missed the message which asked for permission to do that, because I would have likely have said "no". (and I've hated Microsoft for years, only use it because it's a necessary evil.) (Note: except for Office. Office is the one shining light in the MS darkness)
  10. Drelgor the Impaler - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia As for why people will attack him, I have no idea. Back in the day, he would spawn bone armor with high resists (when bone was not craftable), but there's no market for that.
  11. Sometimes, the best results for a player in a situation requires being able to deal massive amounts of damage in the shortest amount of time. In the distant past, when the first event occurred where the highest x damage dealers received the prize, I came up with a template which was 100% effective in retrieving the prize. Well, two templates actually. The damage dealer template can not realistically survive without support. The first template (adjusted for post-SA) 120 Throwing 120 Tactics 120 Anatomy 120 Bushido 100 Taming 100 Animal Lore 60 ninjitsu The suit required 20 skill points ma
  12. I will assume 700 skill points: Your warrior: Swords, tactics, parry, healing, anatomy, bushido, chivalry: all to 100. Hiding does nothing for you. 50 bushido does less than nothing for you (50 bushido gives you no useful addition and costs you parry chance both with and without a shield) Your tamer: Taming, lore, vet, archery, tactics, chivalry, anatomy: all to 100 In this case, bushido only gives you a small benifit, and at the cost of much needed skill points somewhere else. Your stats (still using the KISS principle): 100 str, 100 dex, 25 int in both cases. Your weapon (ask someone to ma
  13. As a pirate, this word confuses me. *says is slowly* Shaaaare.
  14. Back in the day, the usefulness of food was just a rumor. From what I understand (based on personal experimentation and contacts with the then-programmers and the fact that I played WAY too much), the effects of eating were just a happy coincidence based on a quirky random number generator and not a hard coded thing. As for making hunger a penalty, it wouldn't add anything to the game play of UO. It would just make for more things to click on in order to do the same things which were done before. So I wouldn't count on food becoming anything other than a novelty item (unless it's enchanted
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