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  1. Not sure if this has been shared here already, but sadly, the old deco standby Castles & Courtyards is now defunct, but Kayhynn has preserved the content on her deco website Crescent Moon Interior Designs. *edit* I see there is actually a sticky thread about this. =) -Skylark
  2. Here is a link to an Asian housing theme thread on Stratics. There are screenies in the thread. -Skylark
  3. While not specifically a rune library, this public memorial building for a friend & fellow player who passed away last year, which I made at the request of his guild, with many generously donated items from the Siege community contains a rune library of T-map locations, and popular places such as Malas secret spots, towns, T2A and dungeons entrances. Public dye tubs and forge are on the ground floor. -Skylark Entrance Garden with public dye tubs and forge on ground floor.
  4. I think the tail is 2 stacked bolts of cloth dyed black, but there is something on the top it looks like. The back legs are the SE pants, ears look like boots, and the head & body are the 2 types of bagballs I think. Voluptuous made that kitty in one of her adorable holiday houses from what I recall. I think she is still playing, and posting on Stratics. She would probably tell you how she made it. -Skylark
  5. Materials needed for 1 section: 2 crafted golden plate (tinker), 2 crafted jeweled filigree (tinker), 2 mortar & pestles (crafted by tinker or purchased from NPC alchemist), 2 torches (purchased from NPC provisioner), 1 bloodwood bow (regular bow crafted with fletching skill from bloodwood or enhanced from monster loot) Place first plate and lock down Place second plate according to the direction your barrier will run, and lock down Drop a jeweled filigree on each plate and lock down Raise both of your jeweled filigrees 12 times Light a torch by double clicking it, and dro
  6. Surindur has kindly made this basic tutorial to get us started with experimenting with optical illusions to create the appearance of multi story buildings. As has been mentioned by those who do this well, there is a lot of experimentation and "fuss" factor with creating complex designs, but it is important to know how to start! Many thanks to Surindur for taking the time to do this. -Skylark
  7. OK in addition to the old standy Castles & Courtyards You might find these valuable. Sarsmi's Roofing FAQ Classic UO Deco How-to Guides (Stealing Deco) Echo Deco (Miss Echo's deco examples) -Skylark
  8. One of the samurai craftable helms looks a lot like the top of a bell. That might be a place to start. -Skylark
  9. Haven't seen anything like it except Pluffy's site, which was migrated to sotheby's, and it is far more limited than C&C. Miss Echo is slowly but surely building up a nice deco devoted section of her website, called Echo Deco, though. I'll have to dig up the links. There are lots of sites with deco examples, but none I have seen are so faithfully dedicated to teaching others how to reproduce the techniques so exactly as Pluffy's site and C&C. -Skylark
  10. Yes, I am told that he owns the house behind, and it is part of the theme...however the back plot is private! *bangs on door* -Skylark
  11. You don't need to pay to be a user on Stratics, just register for a user account. The new boards don't even have the "Plus" paid subscription option. They don't want our money! I'll be happy to send a PM on your behalf though. LOL@Pennywise. =) -Skylark
  12. Location of Vladmir's double plot on Atlantic, as provided by Faith. -Skylark
  13. Update! The 2-plot waterfall & cave house owned by Vladmir is on Atlantic, and it seems the owner lurks by Brit bank often when he is on, and is happy to give tours. -Skylark
  14. This must be the day for great waterfall pics! This screenie of a fabulous 2-plot waterfall design which makes heavy use of rubble pieces was shared in admiration by Faith on Stratics. She mentions that the cave is functional. The owner name on the house is "Vladmir"...so either Vladmir is a very talented house designer & decorator or he has good connections with one. -Skylark
  15. Really nice 2 plot design - thanks for sharing it! Razz who posts on Stratics shared some of his waterfall designs. This is in the 2D client And this is in KR client, zoomed out so you can see the whole thing Here is his example design for a 2-plot waterfall in the KR client -Skylark P.S. while not deco related, I had to laugh at the text in the screen shot of James trying to provoke apple to attack orange! =)
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