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  1. Town Leader I enclose documents with the information gatherd recently by some diligant people within Sosaria regarding a threat from the Dark Elves and there gathering of blackrock. They are also known to have enslaved humans, dragons as well as orcs, their plan is to destroy ALL humans within Sosaria. I hope you will be able to aid in discovering more and in removing this threat. Lady Flame Commanded from Yathtaller More human p'lvvt needed for black rock study. Get some elves ich Ethethrae [Guardian] in cave west of Vesper Mine or Blackrock – Nav Uss Xal Sultha L’Fil’ashi Xuil
  2. now that sounds like a great idea. There building town banners you can read about it here Town Recognition and Banners Great Lakes and here File:Gyldenfeld banner exploded.jpg - UOGuide
  3. (Hannah does not have the communication device it was devided between 4 people) Time to start theorising and putting loose ends together. This is all guess work. It all started with Orcs collecting seen pods and we suspected there great wuzzuh who was over seeing this to be Mericles. We also know Mericles has had more than 1 ally; what if he had another who sent these seed pods to him through moongates, possibly from the void. From these Mericles hatched a more intelligent Orc to help him get the machine working to produce this super intelligent Orc. These new super intelligent orcs needed
  4. ditto, and could have done with the shadow court with this necro diamond, might have saved us letting Nathan Hawke (EM) use it.
  5. has Hannah still got Mericles communication device and is it important?
  6. Was Hannahs handwriting checked Report from Royal tinker on broken communication device collected from Exodus.
  7. Orc invasion, what’s left? We seem to have a lot of questions and loose ends with the Orc invasion and thought it would help to list as many as possible and see what loose ends we have. A few I can think of: Big Bob Britain invasion Twinkles in Orc workshop Were the new orcs grown (seed pods) Were the new orcs manufactured by machine. Was Mericles the wuzzuh Who is the one behind this (making the orcs) Trinsic orc and the small cult he’s part of. (forgot his name) Communication devices in all towns. Is there a link with Exodus and/or Blackthorn What of the Drow helping the Orcs Where is
  8. Flame returned home with the pain in her side starting to burn. She should not have drank down that last dose of pain killer so soon, but she had to have her full attention on her chat with Duke Irvyn. The conversation had gone as she had expected with them both agreeing concerns over Nathan Hawke. Although the day had gone better than could have been hoped for, with the information from the dragon Fardomin on how to destroy the Orcs communication devices tried and proven reliable. Now they had what they needed to make the cites in Sosaria safe again from them. Duke Irvyn had also informed he
  9. To Duke Irvyn *scroll tied with a red ribbon and sealed, marked confidential*
  10. *note sealed with a red ribbon marked Private* To Duke Irvyn Dear Irvyn further to our conversation last night when you asked about stange seeds. I have thought hard and am most concerned that these might be in some way connected to the seed pods the orcs were growing. The ones these New Orcs were formed in. If it is the same seed pods they have a resistance against fire. may the Virtues protect you and Trinsic Lady Flame
  11. Dear Duke Irvyn Sorry I am unable to come speak with you personally but I have just read a report on your expedition to Fire Dungeon. I am pleased that you all got out safely and managed to acquire all 6 parts of the diamond. I am however curious as to the book or more importantly who the author was. Is there any way we could confirm the hand writing to be that of Nathans. This is the second time Nathan has directly been linked troubles within Sosaria, the first was his broken sword found by Timpe's body in Ishena. We have all too easily accepted his word that it was not him and I have heard
  12. Dear Duke Irvyn I heard that Selcius the Astronamar had seen something through his telescope so traveled there for a chat. I am afraid the information he gave me is terrible indeed. I have copied it out in full here and hope I have managed to get the warning to you in time. Hello – Greetings traveller, you wish to know what I see in the stars? Stars – There are many hidden omens to be seen in the stars. Omens – Omens are signs of things to come and give us warnings for the future. Warnings – What would you like to know about? Trinsic - Trinsic will be beset by a plague on the 11th January a
  13. Flame paced for some time thinking about Nathans recent behaviour. The hat, although she had to admit to herself that it did suite Nathan’s personality, but bought and worn at a most inappropriate time of tracking down the treasure of One Eyed Pete. The chaos shield that is worn by Vesper also seemed not a good choice. Then there was the many issue when she had given him the keys to Jordan Jurrel’s family home. Both Gwen and Duke Irvyn agreed that they had concerns of their own, with all this she felt there was something she had not quit put her finger on and it was nagging in the back of her
  14. You Majesty I have not as yet had the opportunity to speak to you and request a private audience with you at your earliest convenience Your humble servant Lady Flame
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