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  1. Thank you everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas!
  2. [threadhijack]*throws Adam in a fire for his signature*[/threadhijack]
  3. How does it look in the Classic version though?
  4. Reiver, You can still bug Adam. He'll remain here as main staff. And worse case scenerio..you bug Adam anyways. I know I will.
  5. I agree. That you are staying on the staff is great news for the forums. When do we get to meet this new owner?
  6. I use terrain features. If that dont work, then I use features on the map, draw lines using paint and then compare that spot where they intersect on UOCart and go to that spot. If that makes sense.
  7. It will only work if you have more then one account. Having only one account will give you the error telling you that a character is already logged in.
  8. You would have to transfer it to another person, then have them transfer to your other character. There is no way for you to do it by yourself, unless you had multiple accounts.
  9. I can try and put one together! I suggest making a contest for it maybe? Give people until the 10th of December to submit and the winner picked by the 15th of December?
  10. Just as the title says. Also post what you are thankful for. - I am thankful for my loving wife, my family and all my friends. They are always there when I need them. Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Put a shirt on! Oh wait. But my "top" button is there. What forum skin are you using?
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