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  1. Way to go! Glad to see it!
  2. ctrl a and ctrl c on each pic and then ctrl v?
  3. I have photoshop 3 and yes combine 2 pic together to make it bigger, like a coastline. What I am trying to do is make a timeline of my granddaughters pics. I would like to combine several photos or bmp or jpegs together to make them one big pic.
  4. I am new to photoshop and need a complete walkthru on how to get combine pics. Please, Please, Please, do in simple step by step process, so that a 10 year old can understand....lol... Been messing with this for a couple hours now and am over it. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Do these symbols have any word meanings attached to them?
  6. The marble house does have a use. A very important one. You can drag spectrals onto yourself or pet there and train resist spells there.
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