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  1. Try this [/url]http://www.uoguide.com/Imbuing
  2. Yesterday I needed to make changes on three accounts. Very slow and choppy. Took about an hour. Should have taken ten minutes
  3. Peace doesn't last long enough to be useful. Disco is better...hen the GD hits it hurts a lot less. But the best is Honor taming.
  4. This type of conduct is also very apparent when hunting. I farm Swoop for stuff to unravel. Most players stop, look and walk away. A small portion ask for "turns" which I always agree to. Then there are the rest that just don't get it...they jump on the The Swoop even if it's already 3/4 dead. I have a macro for "It's polite to ask first". They say "You don't own the spawn". I say "Didn't say I did...just good manners to ask first".
  5. Hunting for Scrolls will take forever even if you're lucky. Your best bet is to find a Scribe on your shard. Ask in your Shard's Forum, at Luna Bank or in New Haven. Offer him gold to make the scrolls you need. He will likely refuse the gold but will make the scrolls.
  6. A suggestion... Once you get all patched-up, burn a copy of the UO folder to a dvd. This makes solving future problems very easy. I had a big patching problem a while back. After 2 weeks of support help, the support technician simply sent me a copy of his UO folder and said "just copy it". I suggested that EA or Stratics or UO Guide should host a fully patched UO for downloading...never happened,
  7. For quests go to UO Guide and search "quests" For vendors, Google "search uo"...it only lists Luna Vendors which are the most expensive in all of UO.
  8. I seem to recall an EA rep saying that the Bane is for all those who didn't get a chance at a Dread Warhorse...so maybe it's permanent?
  9. Perfect answer! I use this technique in UO and real life...although in RL it can be dangerous! When I'm driving and some moron pulls a stupid/dangerous/inconsiderate maneuver...I wave and put on a really big smile. I've seen some people turn purple with rage and make every imaginable obscene gesture. I thought a few were gonna have heart attacks! Laugh at your attackers...especially in UO (where they can't really hurt you!).
  10. Yes definitely however account age is based on "payed" time. Sry
  11. As said...it's a good idea to pick a shard close to you for the best ping. When you login, the shard selection screen lists each shard's ping. Another consideration...a populated shard is more expensive and harder to find house space.
  12. 3 things affect the success rate: skill, being a Gargoyle and working at the Queen's Soul Forge. When you click the Forge and target an item, the gump will show the odds of success in what you are attempting to imbue.
  13. This is slightly off topic, but...the Cu makes a good tank and you can ride them but their damage output is fairly poor and slow. Tame a Rune Beetle and either a Bake Kitsuni or a Night Mare. Take the Rune out of the stable first so it will be the tank. You'll be shocked at how fast this pair can kill stuff. A pack of 5 Fernzies puts out more damage but can't tank for crap.
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