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  1. McJiff

    FoF: Party On

    Will the ticket turn in npc's from spring cleaning disappear with this publish? Any ideas on publish going live?
  2. Man your spell icons looks great. Is that freeshard or is there any way OSI can have this to? Looks awesome. Nice house to, u could stack soulstones for disco lighting effect, example for it you can find in luna city south.
  3. All i can say is awesome... Just worried about the gem carts getting duped or similar, so they end up getting 500-1000+ gems per day.
  4. Lot of orientos at Markees - Ultima Online screenshots - Powered by PhotoPost
  5. Still feel free to donate the occasional rune Help is always appreciated. Im hoping on having the library finished in maximum a month or two.
  6. Yes there are several rune libraries which i really like on DF, such as Mystery's Library on Ice Island, the Troll Library north of minoc, Hunters Lounge at serverline NW of britain owned by Piotr, Circus Charivari also has a small library upstairs, owned by Medea. My house is right next to Circus Charivari but is private atm untill i finished decorating. Im sure there are more libraries out there, like Shalinoth in Luna etc... would be nice idea to gather them all in 1 book, i could place it on a display at my house
  7. Yes its on Drachenfells, im currently collecting runes on Atlantic, then ill be heading to Lake Superiour for another rune (if the spot is confirmed). Basically i havent put up the library yet, i still need to mark plenty of runebooks, but the house and design is ready. Ill pm u with my icq nr
  8. Githmore's lab, i see a pentagram there. Wasnt this used to enter somewhere else? And what did we need to do to get there? Btw do the runes for Wintermoore and Frostflame still work? And the entrance to pirate cave, on what shard does it still work, and it would it work on a diff shard if u were to mark it on the working shard, and recall to it on your own shard?
  9. Its pretty common to see it like this. I personally think its just cos they are underwater or bugged somehow. I fish too much imo and seen plenty around. I have probably killed around 5000 serpents so far.
  10. Lord Gareth, do you mind if i steal your house design for the bottom floor. I really love it and have some ideas for it.
  11. Basically they send an email to you, and when you open it, a trojan will enter your pc, including key logger. This way they can see everything you type... Saw it on television few weeks ago. Was pretty spooky... Personally ive never been hacked and even if they would they wouldnt have anything to steal, except delete my chars...
  12. Well u could just get banned for owning many highly illegal items, which of course u could have purchased without even knowing... Luckily im poor so im sure im not risking anything, but i know a few who are bit worried...
  13. Couldnt agree more on this. And KR is just not my thing really... Tried it once but thought it still needed a lot of work.
  14. Well where else then trial accounts would all these young players roaming the streets farming 25k tickets come from???
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