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  1. lol by the time i see them....ppl have already take the nice shiny free runes..lol
  2. syn doesnt drop runes the drop 20 books at a time..i use the vendor runes too cheaper than buying them..they drop entire books...pop out of a gate and you think you are a library lol.
  3. why pay for scrolls let the reds do the spawn and kill them off
  4. I think it is a good idea...My swordsman can be disarmed and i cant fight until i re-armed. If your a mage and using a spellbook to increase you skills (i.e adding magey or any other skill) this makes your skills go down until you re-arm. Seems fair to me.
  5. it should effect you regen ..but if you have other regen pieces you may not notice it.
  6. because most just want to make quick gold..and arent to bright about doing it
  7. thank god we havent gotten too"my sword or my globes are bigger that yours " yet.
  8. depends on skill..some can be over 100 others cant..if your pets dies you can regain the lost points..most pets have a max based on pre-tame stats....several good sites list the formula to figure out the max after tame but i dont have the links at work.
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