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  1. Wow this puppy got off topic fast...
  2. a nice thought, but i doubt it would work here...no one knows how to not play their character and talk about rp...not even me *grin*
  3. No guilds...This is a promotion for peace between members of this game. Nothing more nothing less.
  4. That's exactally what the point of this was...I just wanted people to stand behind the idea and say, hey, I'm done with the old way. Not to start an argument. Can't we all just get along...? (Ok, I so had to add that )
  5. I can only speak for my own actions and words. If something has occured with others, I cannot be held accountable for it. If I have done something, by all means, come to me...but do not do this, it is not the correct course of action. Problems should be addressed with those they happen with, not complained about to everyone else. You see why I cry for the end of this. Even here it occurs. Nim, the only way to prevent anything is to work at it. Everyone must be willing. Open, honest conversation is the only way to make things work.
  6. Hello fellow Europan RP players, mods and the like. My name is Jaymee, obviously, and I've been involved in rp for many years. I have joined your guilds as many characters, I have walked your streets, I have met your people, I have lived, died, fought, bled. As have we all. We come from all different backgrounds, play different lives, believe different things and this is what makes the Europan Rp community strong, vibrant and alive. Or atleast it used to.... Any more, all I am hearing from all corners of Sosaria tales of betrayal, dispicable acts of backstabbing, murmerings, lies and
  7. I have come to my decision, and I will be leaving Vesper. Firstly, my wife and I have just bought a house and with all the time I have to spend away due to moving, its not fair of me to leave you all guessing if I'll be around, which for the next two months atleast, I rarely will be. Secondly, I have to say that Vesper isn't what I want any longer, and I'd rather not cause trouble by being a dissident. Thirdly, I have a huge conflict of interest, and am going with the avenue that suits my fancy better. Hopefully I have give you enough reason to be satisfied enough not to bother me with
  8. In light of recent events, I believe it may be time for me to move on from Vesper...I was back because Esca welcomed me, told me I had a spot always...it was because of him that I stayed...but with him leaving, I am not sure Vesper will be the same place for me. I am pulling out Raven Pendragon, turning in her uniform and all, this evening. With the stealth unit gone, there's no point in her being there. She will be joining Silver Dawn, as the GM has been deployed again and left me with the reigns in my hand as it were. I can't say that Jaymee will not soon follow, but I want to see what h
  9. it is a dark day indeed for UO. Thank you both for taking the time to post and let us all know instead of just dropping off the face of the planet. You will be missed.
  10. Anytime, bro, you know i'm here. Take your time, grief is never easy.
  11. Proposed idea: Hide and survive in two easy steps! Supplies needed: An expanse of woods an axe for each participant a hammer for each participant a herd of deer or 5 Purpose: Learning to use resources on hand in the middle of nowhere to survive and hide from your foes. Plan: Venture out into the woods to learn how to build an effective, sturdy and secure lean to to protect yourself from the elements as well as threat of enemy attack using the woods themselves to provide. Very useful when fleeing an enemy, going on a steak out or intelligence gathering mission, or simply for those extend
  12. http://www.uoforums.com/achievements/72585-jaymee.html
  13. Date: 27/06/10 Attendees: Brenna Night (firebrand), Kelban (private), Raven Pendragon (private), Zelon Alaksedil (Brenna's personal Arse guard) Mission: Work on Target Training Under the excellent leading of Firebrand Brenna Night, from the direct order of Lieutenant Drachen, we set out to the cave known as Despise to do exercises on targetting enemies and taking direction from our leaders. The trek started out simply enough, though Private Kelban did manage to get drunk somewhere deep in the lair of the ettins. However, it did not slow the slaying of the beasts. Firebrand Night did a fin
  14. Name: Raven Pendragon Current Rank: Private Joined the Army: 25/06/10 Character History/Background: Worked as a blade for hire for 10 years. Once enlisted with the Yewish militia. Trying to run from something in her past. Past Noteworthy Achievements: Promotional Criteria Completed: Skills Unlocked: Medals: Reports:
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