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  1. Hey guys. Good to see both of you. I hope all is well. Glad to hear about the Culinary Degree Loch... and Farsight, how is the little one doing?
  2. Still no classic skin in the quick drop menu.
  3. I used to use the classic skin. It now appears to be down. I cannot lick the links on the top of page to access my CP and other things. Is there something wrong on my end or did something change? The change is in effect for both Opera and IE.
  4. Zuckuss- because there was no other Zuckuss in the world of Ultima Drake- Don't know Wild- Don't know Samantha Swift- Don't know
  5. Current Favorites (in order): Breaking Bad Game of Thrones The Newsroom Walking Dead Fringe Southland Family Guy South Park Boardwalk Empire Sons of Anarchy The Simpsons Person of Interest Touch The Office Beavis & Butthead Past Favorites: Lost House The Wire Scrubs
  6. I respect your position, but I totally disagree with your comparison. A book is pages of text. A "potion" usually consists of an undefined mixture of elements in a container, which is easy to defraud to the consumer as to what they are actually getting. You know what you are getting when you buy a book... pages of text. Whether you agree with what is on those pages or not is up to you, but you know you are getting pages of text. There are many different versions of the Bible, and therefore it is easy to recognize what you are getting if you choose to buy it... for example, the King James B
  7. Never mind. Apparently I forgot how to post youtube videos. Link doesn't show the video and embed doesn't show the vid either
  8. I think the problem with the large lot of MMO's is that they are too limited and "linear." One you reach the highest level, and kill the toughest boss, you are basically done. There has been no 3d game put out there that is a deep and complex as UO.
  9. Their panels are literally paper thin. However it's a fact that over the last ten - fifteen years, companies like Toyota have brought competition back into the auto industry by making fuel efficient vehicles which run longer and have fewer problems per 100 vehicles.
  10. I never considered the GTA series "linear."
  11. I believe the GTA series games are best enjoyed on the PlayStation consoles. Every version is a groundbreaking game experience and each new version continues to raise the bar as far as content, detail, gameplay and graphics. This is pretty much the only game I will pre-order and be waiting in line for.
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