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  1. Hope one never becomes one and the other is destroyed by fire!
  2. So packem at the time you want to transfer, also I have found giving the command "all follow me" helps... I have transfered from Great Lakes to Europa, back to Great Lakes and on to Atlantic I know what I'm talking about on this. Also the advice given by those above is also rock soild. If you follow it you will not have any issues barring a PC or power outage or UO doing you in!
  3. Bargaining The great bell rang three times. The long toll of its ringing drifted into the distant hills of Makoto-Jima to be replaced by the wind rustling through the bamboo forest. Yoshi knelt in the shrine of her forefathers dressed in traditional white. Her kimono, made from the finest silks, shone in the bright light of late afternoon. Her Obi bearing the image of cranes standing in shallow water was tied off in the form of a Lotus. Her hair was gathered and pinned in the fashion of one seeking favors from the gods. A single hair-fan protruded from the large chignon at t
  4. OOC: Hello all. We are looking for new members for TDF; we are the naval arm of the Blue Lotus Alliance. We are looking for Role Players who are interested in RPing Samurai’s from the Island of Tokuno. Yes we will hire none Tokuno type personal if they are will to RP in a manner that is in keeping with our customs and lore. We interact with other guilds of the ARPC, a multi-guild group of likeminded role players. Please check out the following boards to get a better understanding and feel for what we do; http://tokunodefenseforces.proboards.com/index.cgi http://mandaka.proboards.com/index.cgi
  5. The whole vendor issue is what bothers me. Look around UO, I don’t care what shard you’re on, it’s the same on all. You have player homes with vendors (Luna, the west gate road in Umbra, Tokuno) Look hard, most vendors are empty. I counted 247 vendors in one area, and only 23 had stuff for sale. So yeah I can see why player are kind of upset about this whole Maginica thing.
  6. Well that would depend on which shard your on, some are fuller then others, Great Lakes easy to find housing, Atlantic Packed full. There is a lot of open area through out the land that "housing not allowed in this area" they could be open and let the cities stay free!
  7. Not to worry Adam we have faith in you, its why we stick around as long as we do....Well that and Queen Mumms' Cookies!!!
  8. Anger Yoshi Shimakaze sat up. Her sleep had been fitful since the news of her mother’s death. More details were emerging about the carnage and the battle. Her mother had died with honor and without regret but this did not comfort the young woman as she moved through her days and nights without purpose…she needed purpose. Somehow none of this seemed fair. The Gods were supposed to protect her family and her ancestors had been given every respect she could manage. Daily prayers and offerings both at home and in the temple at Zento. She had been robbed of her mother’s voice. Her mothers t
  9. Denial Yoshi seemed confused. Her father suddenly arrived home after she had not seen or heard from him for days. Not since that night at the palace when the Empress took him aside to talk in private. It was the first time she had excluded her Tenji from any conversation. Afterwards her father had left the palace in a rush without so much as an explanation and he looked worried. This troubled Yoshi and she took great pains to compose herself before returning to the Empress. She knew not to press the matter. It was between them and she must put it aside. The next few days had been
  10. Well I was on Great Lakes and moved to Atlantic, huge well run RP Alliance there, you might want to check it out!
  11. Holy cow!!! Ok, thanks I think I may just stick with my Tokuno ship then... But thank you for the information
  12. Ok, I know sometimes my head is a thick as a brick...But I can seem to find any information as how to get the New Big Ship?? Please enlighten me..Thanks
  13. Its VTC, it’s not cheating, it SOP (standard operating Procedures)
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